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Some trippy, distorted music video effects on acid

Some mind-bending music video drug effects we did for a Jake Bugg music video. We developed some trippy effects to show a girl high on psychedelic drugs in Toky…

motionvideosuk 14th September 2016

Yes, we are one!

It’s been one year since we started our small animation and video company and over the past year we’ve gone from strength to strength. What better way for us…

motionvideosuk 20th August 2016

So you want to use music in your video huh?

When you need to use music in your videos there are a few things you need to know. We use Audio Network who make it super-simple to search and license the perfect…

motionvideosuk 27th July 2016

She was a robotic filmstar with a head like a wasp

When it comes to our graphic design work we love to think differently. This design was the homepage graphic for our former Splurj Creative site that took priority…

motionvideosuk 25th May 2016

They wanted a fly buzzing around in a jar for a new music video, so that's what they got it

This little fellow never dreamed that he’d be a music video star. Then one day he got a small part in the new Nimmo ‘UnYoung’ music video and is now in high…

motionvideosuk 22nd April 2016

Friends. Family. Lovers. You're always in our 'art

We made this Valentine’s Day promo and animated a 3D heart for our friends on social media. Because we have love for you all. Happy Valentine’s Day.

motionvideosuk 14th February 2016

It's not like riding a bike... it is riding a bike

As much as I love being at my desk I love stepping away occasionally to get some fresh air and make a mountain biking film just for editing and VFX fun.

motionvideosuk 20th January 2016

What's video marketing? Do I need it?

It goes without saying that people love watching videos – it’s fast, informative and fun. But let’s look at why video should be such an important part of your…

motionvideosuk 7th January 2016

It's not rocket science - just an illustrated animation of a space shuttle exploring a new planet

You are witnessing a self promotional illustrated 3D animation of a space shuttle. Endlessly moving forward as it discovers and explores a new world of animatio…

motionvideosuk 20th December 2015

Inspiring timelapse videos & motion tracking inspiration that we love

We’ve been speaking with Chris Burton at Timelapsey about doing a project together using timelapse, motion tracking and motion graphics. Here is some inspiration…

motionvideosuk 4th September 2015

...She Found Herself Flying Among Planets and Stars

This micro-story is an illustrated animation of a girl who finds herself flying through planets and stars. You make up your own story on how she ended up there and…

motionvideosuk 24th June 2015

A slow motion helicopter flying over the English Channel

I just couldn’t let this slow motion footage go to waste that I shot on my iPhone from a ferry on the way to France. So when I got back home I was keen to find…

motionvideosuk 21st June 2015
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