I love drawing robots, and making them Dribbble a basketball
An illustrated and animated robotic basketball player dribbling a basketball

You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take

This animation has a motivational message that encourages people to try our animation services while an animated hand-drawn illustration of a robot dribbles a basketball.

Illustrated robot animation

When you first join Dribbble you get asked to submit a ‘debut’ graphic, or a first design that people will see and then start following you if they like it. Then you tag the person that invited you to Dribbble to thank them for inviting you to the community. This was our debut graphic that we animated and shared as an animated GIF.

The process was quite simple really:

  1. Draw a robot on paper.
  2. Scan it in.
  3. Seperate all of the parts.
  4. Animate it in After Effects on a loop.
  5. Add some text.
  6. Add some background scenery.
  7. Share it.
  8. Make friends!
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