Make You Cry

The first music video that I’d ever made for a local rapper from Oldham called D-Tox.

Creative Hip-hop music video design, production & animation

In 2007 I hooked up with D-tox (a local rapper from Oldham, Manchester) to produce this creative Hip-hop music video for my BA (hons) degree in Motion Design. It was taken from a track on his album called ‘Make You Cry’ and features BYonest and BB Manik. It was the first ever music video I’d ever made and an important piece in my portfolio that generated a lot of interest in my work – following this music video I even got the chance to meet and film an interview with D12!

It was such a massive learning curve in my development as a motion designer and in finding our way around After Effects. That’s why there’s a lot going on in terms of styles, but I hope you like that anyway. And I know that the resolution doesn’t quite stand up to todays standards of music video but I’m so proud of this piece, and if I could go back and do it again I would! Probably in 4K!

Filmed on green screen at The Atrium in Cardiff where I was studying. I added custom graphics, Hip-hop styles and visual design taken from Hip-hop culture. The individual custom design of all the graphical elements were done in a Hip Hop style using ink, paint, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Our exploration of Adobe After Effects lead us to creating a bunch of visual styles and effects that made this music video production completely unique with an individual style of it’s own.

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