Turn It Up

‘Turn It Up’ is our second creative Hip Hop music video production for the Jazz Hip Hop fusion band Us3. It features Sene, a rapper from Brooklyn who flew over especially for the music video shoot at a green screen studio in London.

Creative Hip-hop music video production

Sene performed his track and got creative while we filmed him on a HD video camera at a green screen studio in London. The green screen footage was ‘keyed’ so that custom graphics and VFX could be animated in the scene with Sene. We designed custom graphics using the Us3 logo and Hip Hop related design and edited photographic imagery to be animated. Graphics were added and various motion graphics, animation and VFX techniques used to create an energetic music video production.

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“This music video was a departure from the norm for an Us3 track, in that it didn’t really have any “music” per se, it’s more “jazz-crunk” than “jazz-funk”. I’d never used a green screen facility before, and this worked perfectly. This time the video was all about the post-production, and Scott did a great job, made the whole process look easy, the end result looks amazing.”

Geoff Wilkinson, Founder, Us3

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