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We just love using traditional hand-drawn illustration in a contemporary and animated way. And this illustrated character animation is exactly what Nice & Polite wanted for the BBC. We was asked to work on the project based on recommendation from Michael Holyk who we’ve partnered with for many years on various other BBC projects.

Illustrated Character Animation

They said“We were looking for someone to create a unique corporate illustrated character animation for the BBC and with the deadline looming we wondered if we didn’t want to settle for a run-of-the-mill animation. We spoke to Michael Holyk who recommended Scott and his new startup company Motion Videos UK. They’d worked together on a bunch of projects for almost a decade, “he’s really creative, and always delivers on time” Michael told us, so we arranged a conference call with him the same evening along with my colleague Sophia.”

“It’s a 2 minute animation designed to illustrate changes in HR, supporting around 2,000 BBC managers, allowing them to do their work more effectively and will be shown as part of a series of manager roadshows commencing July 2015.”

“We provided a script, and showed Scott some examples of the styles of animations that the client liked but we wanted something better that would ‘wow’ the client and make the BBC managers feel better informed and equipped to undertake processes within their role.”

“Scott was eager to get cracking and by the following morning we had received his storyboards and character sketches. We told him we liked the initial designs, but had imagined a ‘looser’ style. Not long after, we received new illustrations of characters and a BBC office scene in exactly the style we were looking for. Perfect!”

I drew up some rough storyboards that were based on the script supplied by Nice & Polite. Characters, scenery, props, text and icons were all hand-drawn using pencil and textured paper.

“The project began to take shape very quickly. Scott was always available to speak to on the phone and quick to respond to our emails. The final product was delivered on time and was exactly what we were looking for, and more. We’re happy we found him and will undoubtedly be using Motion Videos UK again in the future for more exciting projects. Thank you so much for your professionalism and creativity.”

Matt Frost, Producer, Nice & Polite

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