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This infographic animation (or animated explainer video – whichever your prefer) for BBC Online illustrates ways in which the management at the BBC is changing.

Infographic animation production

This corporate film for the BBC uses animated infographics, icons and illustration to get their message across in an interesting and engaging way.

Storyboards were created for the animation which was based on the script was provided by the BBC. The storyboard highlighted areas that would be focused on throughout the animation and gave rough ideas for the design of the icons, graphics and text that were going to be created and helped them to visualise how the finished piece would look.

Once the storyboard got approval, icons and graphics were designed in Adobe Illustrator which is always the best solution for creating graphics that give the best quality possible when scaling them and clean crisp edges throughout any animation. The graphics and icons were then animated with a contemporary infographic look and feel and given a rough, sketchy look to enhance the illustrative styling.

The illustrative style was also enhanced by the look of a brown cardboard background texture which moved with the scene as the camera focused on different areas of the animation and helped to guide the viewer through the visual journey. A professional voiceover and background music was then incorporated into the animation to make it more fun and engaging to watch.

Overall, the project was great fun to work on and the client was thrilled with the result of the finished product – delivering exactly what they needed and with all of the information that they wanted to get across to the viewer in an interesting fashion.

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