The love of My Life

The jazz/hip-hop fusion collective Us3 scored a major hit in 1994 with ‘‘Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)’,’ a song that displayed the group’s fondness for sampling classic recordings on the Blue Note label. 15 years later a’cappella singer Brook Yung was hired to sing on ‘The Love Of My Life’, the tenth track on Us3’s ‘Stop. Think. Run.’ album. Shortly after, Motion Videos UK were heading off to a Boutique hotel in Camden with Geoff Wilkinson (founder of Us3) and Ayesha Varnard to shoot footage for the music video.

Vintage Hip-hop music video production

We filmed Ayesha at a boutique hotel in London and footage of Brook Yung was filmed in America and sent to the UK remotely. We designed custom type and flourishes, and designed grungy looking Hip Hop related elements to add to the scenes. The footage was edited and colour corrected to make it feel like they were both filmed in a similar location. We rotoscoped the footage and added animated type, flourishes and colour graded the video to really make it shine.

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“For ‘The Love Of My Life’ I wanted live footage and nice graphics and set about trawling the internet. Stumbling upon Scott’s music video for D-Tox I knew he was the man for the job. His work was fresh, genuinely different, and full of ideas. He was an absolute joy to work with and the result surpassed even my expectations, capturing the romantic mood of the song perfectly, while giving it a definite edge with his graphics and editing skills.”

Geoff Wilkinson, Founder, Us3

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