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This illustrated character animation was created for a corporate event video for the BBC. It was designed to illustrate changes in HR and support around 2,000 BBC managers. The video would allow them to do their work more effectively and was shown as part of a series of other videos at BBC manager roadshows. The project involved..

  • Storyboarding
  • Hand-drawn illustrations
  • 2D character animation
  • Professional voiceover
  • Royalty-free music

Year: 2015
Client: Nice & Polite
Format: Event video
Source: Recommendation
Duration: 2m 25s
Production: 6 days


“We were looking for someone to create a unique corporate event video with illustrated character animation for the BBC, and with the deadline looming we didn’t want to settle for a run-of-the-mill animation. We spoke to Michael Holyk who recommended Scott and his new creative animation company Motion Videos UK. They’d worked together on a bunch of projects for almost a decade, “he’s really creative, and always delivers on time” Michael told us, so we arranged a conference call with him the same evening along with my colleague Sophia.”

“We provided a script, and showed Scott some examples of the styles of animations that the client liked but we wanted something better that would ‘wow’ the client and make the BBC managers feel better informed and equipped to undertake processes within their role.”

“Scott was eager to get cracking and by the following morning we had received his storyboards and character sketches. We told him we liked the initial designs, but had imagined a ‘looser’ style. Not long after, we received new illustrations of characters and a BBC office scene in exactly the style we were looking for. Perfect!”

Matt Frost, Producer at Nice & Polite


Character body parts and scene elements hand drawn on paper using pencil in a ‘sketchy’ style
Images scanned at high resolution and carefully cut out in Adobe Photoshop
Individual elements layered in position in Adobe Photoshop ready for animation
Character movements animated using the Puppet Tool in Adobe After Effects
Scene transitions keyframed individually to create movement and depth with a slight delay
VFX summary: Trapcode 3D Stroke (tears and handwriting) | Mt Mograph ‘Motion 2’ (inertia and easing) | Wiggle expressions (speech bubbles etc.) | Jitter effect (wobbly text)



SSON gave us loads of info that they wanted in their animation. After some serious thought, we made it more engaging and improved it's flow.


Storyboards were made to help see how the finished piece would look, and imagine how things would move - Any good video needs planning if it's going to be a success.


Most of the graphics were designed directly in After Effects, which gave us lots of flexibility over their look and how they were animated.


What was great is how scenes moved in a seamless fashion using the logo's lines as transitions. Without planning it would have been near impossible to get the same result.


Their flat logos were re-designed and animated in 3D. They used looping versions of their logos on big screens at their event too.


Digital At Our Heart

This infographic animation, or animated explainer video, for the BBC Online demonstrates ways in which the management at BBC Online is changing. It uses animated infographics, icons and illustration to get their story across in an interesting and engaging way.

Storyboards were created for the animation which was based on the script was provided by the BBC. The storyboard highlighted areas that would be focused on throughout the animation and gave rough ideas for the design of the icons, graphics and text that were going to be created and helped them to visualise how the finished piece would look.

Once the storyboard got approval, icons and graphics were designed in Adobe Illustrator which is always the best solution for creating graphics that give the best quality possible when scaling them and clean crisp edges throughout any animation. The graphics and icons were then animated with a contemporary infographic look and feel and given a rough, sketchy look to enhance the illustrative styling. The illustrative style was also enhanced by the look of a brown cardboard background texture which moved with the scene as the camera focused on different areas of the animation and helped to guide the viewer through the visual journey. A professional voiceover and background music was then incorporated into the animation to make it more fun and engaging to watch.

Overall, the project was great fun to work on and the client was thrilled with the result of the finished product – delivering exactly what they needed and with all of the information that they wanted to get across to the viewer in an interesting fashion.

Digital At Our Heart

Things weren't going well with the animator they'd been using for their opening video - He just couldn't do it to the same professional standard. Since the first project ran so smoothly, there was no reason why I couldn't tackle more animated event videos in time for the event. We didn't do storyboards this time because the time was better spent animating. But they did show me a sample video they liked and were happy to just trust my creative judgment this time.


The project began to take shape very quickly. Scott was always available to speak to on the phone and quick to respond to our emails. The final product was delivered on time and was exactly what we were looking for, and more. We’re happy we found him and will undoubtedly be using Motion Videos UK again in the future for more exciting projects. Thank you so much for your professionalism and creativity.

— Matt Frost

Producer, Nice & Polite

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