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    3D Animation, Interview, Manchester Bee, Social

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    Help Our Hive Thrive

  • Date:

    November 2017

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    Social campaign animation



Since November 2017 we've worked with Garage Design on a variety of different social campaign videos for Essity – a leader in global hygiene.


We've worked with Garage Design on a number of internal corporate campaign videos for Essity – a leading global hygiene and health company. From ones with a Manchester Bee theme, to ones based on the popular 80's TV show The A-Team.



SSON gave us loads of info that they wanted in their animation. After some serious thought, we made it more engaging and improved it's flow.


Storyboards were made to help see how the finished piece would look, and imagine how things would move - Any good video needs planning if it's going to be a success.


Most of the graphics were designed directly in After Effects, which gave us lots of flexibility over their look and how they were animated.


What was great is how scenes moved in a seamless fashion using the logo's lines as transitions. Without planning it would have been near impossible to get the same result.


Their flat logos were re-designed and animated in 3D. They used looping versions of their logos on big screens at their event too.


Bee Stings

A series of five 30 second animated stings for Essity's 'Help Our Hive Thrive' campaign.

TAWD Mill Timeline

We also help Essity to get across the history of their TAWD Mill in an animated timeline style video.


We've partnered with Scott on a few video projects now and we have been really impressed with his work. Not only does he take your brief and add creative flair, he is diligent, understands complex projects and works hard to achieve client objectives.

— Rachael Taylor

Director, Garage Design & Marketing

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