Animation can be your best friend

Being the star of a film isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You might just not be feeling confident in front of a camera, or be having lots of bad hair days recently. Meet animation – your new best friend.

With a guiding hand from Motion Videos UK, we’ll walk with you, the whole way through your animated journey, from concept to completion, and ultimately, get your business moving in more ways than one.

We’ll begin by understanding your story, before coming up with ideas and storyboarding it to help you visualise what your finished product will look like.

Then, once you’re 100% happy with the idea, we’ll transform your story into a unique, fun, exciting, and highly engaging animation that portrays your service or product beautifully. Everyone will love it. And more importantly – they’ll remember it forever.

Because animation is so flexible we can animate almost anything you can imagine – animated characters that demonstrate how your product is used, 3D animation to a new dimension to your brand, or even make a completely animated music video. The possibilities are endless.

At Motion Videos UK we have years of experience in creating high-quality animations for web, TV commercials, and social media. And not just in the UK either.

We will take the time to understand your business for them, and because we understand animation we will use it to help your audience understand your message, quickly and easily.

They want your product now

In a world that wants everything NOW, animation is the best way to memorably convey the often complex information you want people to know quickly.

We understand how people think, how they work, how they don’t want to struggle to understand the benefits you provide through your product or service.

Let’s say you have a product that solves a common problem for thousands of people. They’ll be looking for it and want to know how it works and want confidence it’ll do what you say it will. But they won’t want to read the ins and outs of it. They will, however, watch a 30-second animated video that tells them all they need to know and see it in action – and then they’ll buy it.

Freelance Design & Illustration Specialist Manchester - Scott Green, Founder of Motion Videos UK

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