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It’s Scott & Callum’s Bathtime Adventure

motionvideosuk - 24th July 2012 - 0 comments

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A Bathtime Adventure

What can I say. My nephew wanted to make a film with me, and he loves bathtime, and snorkles! So I used that to my advantage to gain a few more likes on Facebook.

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Underwater filming with the GoPro Hero 4

There was no script for this one! The process was simple – Take one 6 year old nephew who loves bathtime, a 35 year old man who loves filming, a GoPro with a suction cup and underwater housing, hit record, edit it, and see what happens.

Then edit it together in a nice way with some fun music and share it with your friends on Facebook to get some likes and show people you can make a decent looking and entertaining film out of almost any situation, even sock fluff!

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