We’re a video production company

We believe in creating unique visual experiences that are rewarding and enriching for all. We achieve this by thinking differently, challenging our imagination, and using our initiative and creativity to produce novel ideas and creative solutions to often complex stories.

We lovesharing experiences

Our ethos of constant learning, shared experiences, with an appreciation for joint ventures as a collaborative workforce, allows us to reach new heights, achieve new milestones, ensure a disciplined workflow, and progress as a business in a lucrative fashion.

We loveblowing trumpets

We make amazing visual experiences to the highest quality. They engage, inform, educate, entertain, and sell. By exploring new ways to deliver meaningful product and service messages to the largest audience possible, and ensure that they’re heard, seen, enjoyed, understood, and responded to, every time.

We loveour world

We’re a freelance creative video studio that’s based in Manchester. We operate globally, and strive to bring pleasure, meaning, and beauty to our small world through film, animation, motion graphics and design.

We loveour friends

Hello, I’m Scott Green – a Freelance Multimedia Creative, Video Designer, and Head Honcho of Motion Videos UK. Right now I’m working from my home studio in Oldham, but the dream has always been to have a proper studio in Manchester one day.

I’ve got donkeys years of experience in video, graphic design and illustration, take huge pride in all aspects of my work and my business, and I’m more than capable of taking any video project from concept to completion all on lonesome. But when the need arises I have some very talented friends (not just in Manchester but across the UK) that I can count on to deliver beautiful video content every time.

Kraig Winterbottom
Video Producer & Motion Designer at Rebel35

Chris Burton
Timelapse & Motion Control Specialist at Timelapsey

Ben Greenwood
Marketing & Video Optimisation Specialist at GNGR Marketing

Michael Holyk
Filmmaker & Director at Academy Films

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Freelance Design & Illustration Specialist Manchester - Scott Green, Founder of Motion Videos UK

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