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Freelance motion graphics manchester
Freelance Corporate Video Specialist Manchester - Scott Green, Founder of Motion Videos UK

Hello. I’m Scott Green, a freelance motion designer and animator from Oldham. Before that, I was a graphic designer. Before that, an illustrator. And before that, just a doodler with dreams of becoming a fighter pilot.

Meaningful, memorable and digestible

Introducing your business, your products, your services, your ethics and what you stand for to a new audience, colleagues or stakeholders can be difficult.

Yes, you can write it all down, present it in a PowerPoint presentation or an expensive brochure with high quality photographs and then expect people to read it all. And you know what, some will even do it. But most won’t.

Your story in 60 seconds or less

Most will be too busy to spend half an hour, an hour or longer reading all about you, or will get distracted by their phones during your presentation. But what if you could condense all that important information into 30 seconds or a minute? And in a format your audience will not only watch but remember and start a discussion?

That’s where Motion Videos UK comes in. We can take your message, no matter what it is, and turn it into a high quality, memorable corporate video that you can use to impress your potential clients and customers.

A well-scripted, professionally shot corporate video production will show your company in action, show your audience what you stand for, why they should use your services or buy your products, why they should trust you.

A well produced corporate video will tell your company’s story in a meaningful, memorable and easily digestible way that no other format can match.

Here are a few types of corporate video production that we can make for you. If there’s something you don’t see on the list, talk to us.

A Freelance Motion Design Studio

Freelance motion graphics and much more.

I’m more than capable of taking care of any video pre-production, production and post-production needs from start to finish, and also work alongside some amazing creative talent here in Manchester. But why not collaborate and see what amazing things we can create together. I have years of experience in…

There’s so much more I want to get involved in and I’d love to take on any challenge that you can throw at me.


I’m Scott Green, a freelance motion designer and animator. Before that, I was a graphic designer. Before that, an illustrator. And before that, just a doodler with dreams of becoming a fighter pilot.

We all have a story to tell.

In short, I’ve been a keen illustrator and doodler since as far back as I can remember. Later, I trained myself in graphic design but it was 1998 when I made an online portfolio called Splurj Creative that I used to show off my hip-hop-inspired creations that things really started to change for me.

I finished college and after 8 years designing for print I wanted to try something new that might helps bring my designs to life. So I went on to study motion graphics at uni. 3 years later, I had a First Class BA Honours Degree in Motion Design under my belt and my first ever music video in my portfolio. Soon after, people really started getting interested.

I went back into full time employment again, but this time as a Multimedia Creative for a digital marketing company. By now my nights were mostly spent making music videos, messing around with cameras and lenses, and dabbling with After Effects and Cinema 4D.

During my time in that digital marketing company I learned a lot about businesses, project management, collaboration, user journeys and turning stories into visual experiences that people respond toand began applying a more considered approach to my video work. I was making videos for more and more small businesses and some big companies too like the BBC.

Living the dream.

In 2014 I became Senior Motion Designer at a video production company in Manchester. But my dream was to build my own creative video brand that people would trust, to collaborate with some of the best creative talent in Manchester and the UK, and above all, do what I love doing the most – being creative, making professional quality videos that people love watching and sharing, and, meeting new people like you. So, in August 2015, Motion Videos UK was born.

An efficient all-rounder with strong creative and technical ability.

Every piece of my work I make sure is considered and has a purpose for being there.To be able to work as an efficient all-rounder means understanding your competencies. My creative talent and in-depth technical knowledge work hand in hand with my organisational and time management abilities. My day to day skills include creative thinking, the implementation of innovative ideas into the design of full video productions from start to finish, handling of visual effects, animations and design of graphics in a professional, presentable and effective manner. I have developed skills to work with numerous softwares which include…

Freelance motion graphics manchester
Adobe After Effects.

Adobe After Effects.

Freelance motion graphics manchester
Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere.

Freelance motion graphics manchester
Adobe Photoshop.Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop.

Freelance motion graphics manchester
Adobe Photoshop.Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator.

Freelance motion graphics manchester
Adobe Lightroom.Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Lightroom.

Freelance motion graphics manchester
Adobe Indesign.Cinema 4D.

Cinema 4D.

Values shared experiences and constant learning.

Freelance motion graphics manchester
Computer Arts Magazine Featured.
Freelance motion graphics manchester
BA (hons) Motion Design.Adobe Photoshop.
Freelance motion graphics manchester
Adobe Photoshop.Ffresh Award Shortlisted.

I have been involved with illustration, art and design from as far back as I can remember and was awarded with the GCSE Prize Winner of Art. After gaining experience in the field of print media as a designer, I expanded my radius of expertise educating myself in the areas of multimedia, graphic design and motion graphics. I have been awarded a first class BA (Hons) in Motion Design, was selected as a potential candidate for a Ffresh Award and my work has featured in Computer Arts Magazine. My strength remains in creativity and innovation and I believe in taking initiative to work on novel ideas. I highly value shared experiences and learning, which I believe are a source of inspiration for creatives to progress, achieve new milestones and create things of value that are rewarding and enriching for all.

Focused on creating visual experiences that wide audiences respond to.

Growing up in Oldham near Manchester, I was influenced by urban culture and hip hop music. It inspired me enough to incorporate those themes and styles into my designs and drove me to publish a website called Splurj Creative which was active in the creative production of hip hop music videos and music industry related design. When I produced the D-tox ‘Make You Cry’ music video as my thesis project it became widely appreciated and consequently, I was noticed by various personalities in the music industry. The music video was my first venture in music video production but it was followed by a number of others including the three music videos which I have produced for Us3 – the latest being ‘Never Go Back’ which was broadcasted on MTV Japan and became quite popular on Youtube.


The old Splurj Showreel is exciting and very music industry orientated but it served it’s purpose.


With Motion Videos UK being more focused on corporate video work we needed a shortened, rebranded, less ‘urban’ showreel with not a semi-naked female in sight!

Produces professional videos to an extremely high standard.

Since 2008 I have added greatly to my work experience and technical knowledge and have remained involved in working with music videos, corporate videos, branding videos and other promotional videos where I have educated myself over time. I have helped film and produce a video featuring an interview of D12, the famous hip hop group. Some of the other notable clients who I have worked with include Jake Bugg, BBC, The Prince’s Trust, Buffalo Technology and NHS. I have a new animated music video for Bastillein production at the moment too.

I have gained enough exposure and acquired technical skills to widen my area of work. On the basis of my sound technical knowledge, awareness of practicalities concerning video production and my creative competencies, I feel confident and able enough to produce videos for commercial purposes and corporate clients to an extremely high standard.

Dynamic in design and innovative in nature.

I have years of experience and learning in the field of art and design. Motion Graphics persists to be my particular area of interest and provides me with an opportunity to have a dynamic approach as I work my way through achieving greater heights. Driven by my passion for graphics and design I am enthusiastic about exposing my work and creating exciting visual experiences that a wide audience can relate to. Overtime, I have come to realise the importance of collaborative work force and effective communication. My understanding of the need for having a specified approach to be able to progress in a lucrative fashion as a motion graphics designer, has led to my increased appreciation for joint ventures to ensure disciplined working. I sincerely believe in engaging creativity with the craft to produce fruitful results, dynamic in design and innovative in nature. I value the need for having specialists being assigned to handle particular aspects of design to produce a meaningful masterpiece of art. I believe in sharing ideas and being a part of a productive team to generate creative results and have an efficient work-flow. It becomes my priority to seek opportunities where I can engage with creative minds and share my ideas which can lead to devising innovative strategies and their practical execution.

Freelance motion graphics manchester
BA (hons) Motion Design.Adobe Photoshop.

Scott Green, Multimedia Creative, Motion Videos UK.

We’re a group of highly skilled freelance video production experts, motion designers and animators in Manchester

We love to make exceedingly good videos and take great delight in bringing your ideas, your stories, your information to life in a way that your customers won’t be able to forget.

We produce incredibly powerful promotional videos, clever corporate videos, marvelous marketing videos, epic music videos and supremely entertaining and informative videos that ‘wow’.

But never do we dive in head first and start designing, filming or animating anything without some serious thought, no no no! First, we get to know you, your business, and your goals. And only when we have a solid understanding of your needs and know exactly who we’re going to help you reach your goals do we start putting pen to paper, mapping out the journey for your viewers, and frantically churning out ideas before developing them into solutions.

Skillful in all areas of visual craftsmanship, we then go about making all of the cogs, wheels and pulleys that we’ll later fit together to form one massive, living, breathing, moving, visual machine – one that will never run out of steam, will work non-stop to drive people to your business 24/7. A machine that never needs servicing, because it’s built using the best tools, quality materials, and by people who take huge pride in their craft. And ultimately, a machine that’s really impressive to look at too!

We use powerful equipment and up-to-date software and make sure everything’s backed up properly too. So that means you have peace of mind knowing that your video project is in good hands, we’re being as efficient as can we can be, everything is good to be pixel-perfect, and your video is going to be delivered on time.

And things don’t stop running once your shiny new video is delivered either. We’re all about developing long-term relationships and providing a dependable and trustworthy service. We’ll always provide you with detailed and accurate information, whether it’s in our initial quote, or in our daily communications. It’s important to us that we’re completely honest at all times.

As a team, we have years of experience using the latest technologies to bring your message to life. From creative video production through to delivery of high-quality, full HD and 4K products along with video optimisation to ensure we get your message across to the largest audience possible in the most strikingly visual manner possible.

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