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I like grass, and butterflies, and green stuff

Scott Green - 23rd February 2014 - 0 comments



The idea for this brand animation came to mind whilst driving through Rochdale one afternoon. I’d pulled up next to a bright green van covered in vinyl images of lawns, trees and flowers. It belonged to a company called Greensleeves who are lawn treatment experts in the area.

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A Creative Brand Animation Interpreted with Videography

A piece of footage sprang to mind that I had filmed whilst on holiday in France and messing about with my camera in garden at the cottage where we were staying. It was some macro (close up) videography footage that I filmed close up to the blades of grass with my tripod upside-down and I thought…

“Wouldn’t it be ace of me if that when I got home I did some work with that grass footage, made their logo animated, created some nice typography that moved from a slogan I’d made up, and then sent it to them to see if they liked it or not?”

So that’s what I did, and they liked it too 🙂

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