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Educational timeline explainer videos for the NHS

Scott Green - 24th April 2013 - 0 comments


An educational timeline explainer video that was designed to inform and educate staff about the pregancy screening process using character animation.


The NHS Pregnancy Screening department wanted to bring their printed information into the 21st century and have it animated to make it more informative and memorable. It would be used on the website so that staff could view it anytime that they wanted. No more worrying about where they last saw that paperwork they were given at that meeting!

We used the artwork from their printed material and then brought the characters to life using animation. The journey follows the pregnancy timeline and as the pregnant womans belly grows along the journey key information is given about what happens at specific points along the timeline.

When the baby is born we had to avoid any type of crude animation so we opted for a more subtle approach. We made the womans belly wobble as she moves off screen and then reappears with her newborn baby.


Here are a couple of other educational timeline explainer videos we did for the NHS too.

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