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An animated micro-story about a girl flying amongst planets and stars

Scott Green - 24th June 2015 - 0 comments


This animated micro-story is simply an illustrated animation of a girl who finds herself flying through planets and stars. You make up your own story on how she ended up there or where she’s going next… let us know your ideas in the comments.


I started by finding an image of a young girl who looked like she was flying through the air. I traced it and then drew it up as line art in ink.

Then I scanned the illustration in a high resolution, cut the illustration out in Photoshop and brought it into After Effects. The original idea was to animate all of the elements of the girl such as her dress and hair blowing in the wind, but then I realised, there is no wind in space, so I just left scrapped that idea!

3D animation

Next, I hopped into Cinema 4D to make some geometric-looking 3D planets and stars that animated on an 8 second loop. The planets were given a moving texture that also looped. It was then finished off with some text and a dark background texture to add to the image and create a more spacey looking scene, as well as making the imagery at the foreground ‘pop’ from the screen.

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