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11 inspirational timelapse, hyperlapse and motion tracking examples

Scott Green - 4th September 2015 - 0 comments

We’ve been speaking with Chris Burton at Timelapsey about doing a project together that uses his timelapse and motion control expertise, combined with our motion graphics and post-production skills. While exploring other peoples work in the field we came across these beautiful inspiring timelapse videos and motion control inspiration pieces that we wanted to share and inspire you to think too about how we could tell your story using macro, time-lapse and motion graphics.

Slow Life.

Close up (macro) timelapse of marine animals, corals and sponges in Ultra 4K using a Canon MP-E 65mm lens. Beautiful!

Signal To Noise.

An inspiring timelapse video of a large radio astronomy observatory in New Mexico with GUI (graphical user interface) style motion graphics tracked to their movements.

Dubai Flow Motion.

An uber-awesome journey around Dubai by Rob Whitworth.

Renewal of St. Petersburg Airport.

Timelapse footage by Andrew Efimov and motion graphics by Yaroslav Kuryanovich of construction work at St. Petersburg Airport.

Vancouver In Motion.

Timelapse and motion graphics from Michal Bartlomowicz.

My Dreamlapse.

Some dreamy infra-red timelapse footage with 3D and motion tracked graphics by Mitch Myers.

Macro Timelapse.

Macro timelapse inspiration of flowers using a Canon 100mm macro lens.

Macro Kingdom I.

Adventures in Clemens Wirth’s macro universe using the Canon MP-E 65mm lens.

Macro Kingdom II.

Another adventure in Clemens Wirth’s macro universe.

Macro Kingdom I.

Clemens Wirth’s latest adventure in his macro universe.

Moscow 2014 Timelapse/Hyperlapse

Kirill Neiezhmakov – A winter cloudy day city reminds him of old movies.

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