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D12! Are you kidding me?!

Scott Green - 24th June 2007 - 0 comments

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An interview with D12

It was just after I’d made my first music video for D-Tox that I was invited to join RKP and Urban Bass TV to film an interview with D12 who were performing live at Manchester Academy. I’m there!

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Live event, interview filming & post-production

We couldn’t believe we’d been given the opportunity to actuallt meet and film D12. How often do three lads from Oldham and Manchester get asked to do that? Somebody pinch me!

This was back when I was still using my Splurj brand (hence the Splurj logo and not the Motion Videos UK one) and I’d taken my Pansonic HDC-SD5 and a tripod to the show. We met the band briefly before we started rolling as Lyrican interviewed Swifty and Kuniva in a small room at the back of Manchester Academy, before going down to the main room to watch and film them perform live.

But not without getting a few snaps with them first as evidence!

[mk_image src=”” image_height=”507″ title=”The filming and editing of an interview video with D12 at Manchester Academy back in 2007″ align=”center” margin_bottom=”50″ crop=”false”]

And then we went away and edited it all together with the footage, music, some of their music videos, and spashed our logos everywhere! It was just brilliant. Let’s just hope they come knocking on my door again one day!

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