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A little something we did for a Shide Boss music video

Scott Green - 3rd June 2012 - 0 comments

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Shide Boss f/ Marger ‘Involved’

Filmed by Director and Producer Michael Holyk we were asked to add some stylised music video effects to his edited film to make it look a more stylish.

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Stylised music video effects & grading

First of all we tweaked some of the contrast in the black and white film to make it less-harsh and a bit softer on the eyes, and then added a ‘sharpen’ effect to make some of the finer detail pop. Next, we added a sort of ‘glass’ effect to give it a kind-of embossed look that added a highlight around the edges of the dark areas.

It was then finished off with some vintage film effects and some glitchy time-remapping in certain areas where there was a bit of energy in the track, especially in Marger’s verse, and also to add some interest to sections where there wasn’t much happening.

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