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The importance of mental health in the digital industry.

Scott Green - 28th December 2018 - 0 comments

As anyone who works in the digital industry can tell you, the stress levels can be incredibly high at times – from computer code not working for no obvious reason, and clients rejecting work which took weeks to complete with no real explanation with the deadline quickly approaching. It’d obvious, we face a lot of daily stressors that can take their toll on our mental health.

Now, usually, when we are sick or hurting, we are able to tell someone about it and get the help we need to feel better. But there is a stigma surrounding mental health in the UK that keeps many of us from getting the mental health care we need. It causes us to keep our pain inside and to struggle on alone. We search for our own inner peace, not quite sure how to do it, but we carry on, and get the job done regardless of what it is doing to our health and the way we feel emotionally.

Alternative Forms of Help

This leads us to turn to alternative forms of help, some useful, some not. One such method is an effective audiobook, chosen by our founder in an odd string of events, aptly called ‘The Power Of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. It is a 7 hour audiobook which speaks to the listener in a way that they are not used to and in a way that brings about many of those ‘Ah-ha’ moments that tend to bring some clarity into our life. If you think about it later, give ‘The Power Of Now’ a try and see if it has a positive effect on you. When it comes to our mental health, every little bit helps if it makes us feel better.

3 Mental Health Tips for Digital Employees

There are many things that we can do to improve our mental condition and help us cope with those everyday stressors that we in the digital industry often face. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can become mentally stronger and able to overcome the stress that we face.

Know The Warning Signs

Stress, anxiety and depression all have warning signs that we should all look for. If you begin to feel withdrawn, apathetic, addictive or you have significant changes in your sleep patterns, you should contact your doctor. These are all early warning signs of a serious mental condition that can be addressed easily if we just speak up. Sometimes, something as simple as going to the gym or practicing meditation or yoga can be beneficial and should not be ruled out.

Look To Your Network For Support

The people around you are not very good at evaluating how you feel, only you can determine what is going on inside your head and that means that it is up to you to reach out. Often times, in the digital industry, we are alone and immersed so much into our work that we don’t see our coworkers or friends and rarely interact with anyone for days at a time. If you are feeling mentally drained, take a break and go visit that coworker you haven’t seen in a while or ask a friend out to lunch.

Talk About It

Talk to your spouse, your friends or someone you trust about the way you are feeling. Sometimes, this can be enough to reset your brain and get you feeling more like yourself again. Chances are, many of them have felt the same way and they can understand where it is you are coming from.

While this has been a more serious post as it focuses on mental health in our digital industry, it is important for everyone to know that there is no shame in asking for help and we need to all look for ways to bring more positivity into our lives and create a stronger, mentally healthier version of ourselves.

A story from our Director

There was one particular day recently where I just felt like sharing something with my Facebook friends. I just had to just get it off my chest quickly before I slipped back into normality and my hectic work schedule.

I’d been doing a lot of “soul searching” lately, decluttering my mind, and looking for some sort of clarity in my life. I just felt like things were getting on top of me, and in true Scott fashion I just didn’t want to talk about it. I was worrying about work and the future of my new business, having sleepless nights thinking about the improvements we needed to do in our new home, worrying about my wife and our futures as parents or not, and just all of the other things that go on in our heads – what people think of us, feeling like you don’t have a voice or an opinion, feeling like you’re being selfish and not thinking about your loved ones enough, stressing about the future and planning how to get the next shiny thing on the list – Oh boy do I love chasing those shiny things!

Around this time I stumbled across an audiobook called ‘The Power Of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle and started listening as I worked, which was impossible because I was focused more on my computer screen than what he was saying. But that wasn’t the weird part. Oddly, that same audiobook appeared that night when I was watching the new Venom movie at the cinema – in the scene just after Eddie Brock gets infected, he goes back to his apartment, puts on a CD and tries to relax. Then his neighbour starts playing loud music, he gets angry, then goes round and makes him turn the music off and Venom makes his appearance known for the first time. Well, that CD was ‘The Power Of Now’, I give my mate Mark a nudge and whispered “I’ve been listening to that today. Weird!” I just thought it was strange why this book decided to show itself to me twice that day.

Mental Health - Venom Movie - The Power Of Now

The next morning I was able to give the first hour of the 7 hour audiobook a bit more of my attention while stuck in motorway traffic. It did take a bit of effort to listen to because the narrator (Eckhart) spoke in a way that I wasn’t really used to, so my thoughts tended to drift off now and then, but I just kept bringing my attention back to it and by the time I reached work I felt like I had an ‘Ah-ha’ moment, like I had found some clarity, my head felt a little less cluttered, I even had some great ideas for future projects, I felt happy and ready to tackle the day ahead. And that was just after listening to the first hour.

After sharing this on Facebook my wife asked if I felt better sharing that on what was World Mental Health Day – What? No way? Are you kidding me? I had no idea today was World Mental Health Day! #truestory

— Scott Green

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