Your audience and your results are at the heart of everything we do.

Our clients say we’re the most creative video animation company in Greater Manchester because behind everything we create is the ultimate objective of connecting customers with what their hearts desire and moving them in their direction.

Motion design, or motion graphics, is using the art of movement to craft dynamic visual experiences for video, interactive and digital media. Whether it’s across an entire campaign, a single project or a single micro-interaction, motion design is what we do best.

Good animation takes people on a journey with their eyes and minds where imagination creates its own soundtrack that fits whatever mood or feeling they might have about a particular moment in the animation. Animations can make people laugh, cry, think about things differently and we move people in magnificent ways.

Visual effects (VFX) refer to environmental effects that are added to a live-action or digital moving imagery, often using computer generated imagery (CGI) or simulated methods to create the illusion of nonexistent or imaginary events. It takes imagination, patience and creativity but our VFX artists make really convincing visual effects.

Videography is the art and the process of capturing and preserving live-action, motion, and sound using video cameras. Videography also encompasses fields such as drone filming, editing, cinematography, lighting design, directing, and more. We’re an independent video production company specialising in connecting people with real-life scenarios using videography.

Graphic design is the process of visual communication or problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and colour. It’s an infinite field with overlapping sub-disciplines which is why quality graphic design can make or break a project. Graphic designers stand at the intersection of business and visual arts — and that’s what excites us.

Creativity is the act of inventing things that are unique, using one’s imagination, to create something new using natural forces or elements. It can be seen as bringing life into an idea that wasn’t there before. For most people, it has something to do with adding one’s own style and voice to make meaningful connections with other people, which is what we’ve been doing since the 90’s.

Motion Videos UK — an independent video production company and creative studio i nGreater Manchester
Motion Videos UK — an independent video production company and creative studio i nGreater Manchester
Motion Videos UK — an independent video production company and creative studio i nGreater Manchester
Motion Videos UK — an independent video production company and creative studio i nGreater Manchester
Motion Videos UK — an independent video production company and creative studio i nGreater Manchester

As a creative video production company, we understand that for your brand to move forwards, we must work backwards — that’s how it works.​

We move forwards by working backward — What we mean is, knowing what you want to achieve is the first step in creating successful video content. Having a clear idea of what your audience will get out of watching it, and thinking of ways that will achieve the desired outcome will ensure there are no missed opportunities later on.

We use strategies in the same way that sports teams use their best moves time and time again without changing their style too much. It gets us closer to winning each game with tactics we know work, as opposed to using trial-and-error methods. Understanding what your target audience likes, and how they think, is the essence of developing a mindful strategy that appeals directly to them.

Concept development is a stage of innovation and invention where all of our thoughts and high-level requirements are worked out. This is the time to answer open questions that will help plan your project such as how much budget is needed? How long should the finished product be? What will our technology roadmap look like? Who should we partner with, etc.? Concept development sets the stage for development by defining what problems we’re trying to solve and exactly how we’re going to solve them.

In the same way that top athletes use visualisation to improve their performance by picturing the end result, we try to visualise and represent the success of your project in the form of sketches, storyboards, scripts and style-frames so you can imagine them coming into fruition with clarity – allowing every detail of what you are imagining to fully expand in your head and imagine the outcome before production begins.

By this stage, we have a rock-solid roadmap for a compelling video production, so it’s time to make sure that everything it’s made of is captured, created, and crafted to perfection, ensuring that it doesn’t just look good, but delivers the goods too because you want something that can deliver on its promises with style.

This is where the real magic happens; all of the moving parts are put into motion and your idea is brought to life.

Once your video content is delivered and hosted, you can begin to distribute and promote it according to your video strategy.

Watch the views, likes, shares, and sales roll in, connect with your viewers and show them some love.

We shouldn’t stop there — Get to know how your audience interacts with your video using analytics and use it to your advantage.

Review the data, adjust your strategy and continue to feed your audiences’ content-hungry appetite until your goal is reached.

Your friendly neighbourhood Motion-Man — always there for you whatever the mission.

Present hard-to-grasp concepts and bring pleasure, meaning and beauty to our small world using animation.

Help customers to understand abstract solutions to their problems in a way that’s easy to understand but difficult to forget.

Promote your offerings in a digital, social or video marketing campaign.

Build awareness around your brand and intrigue your target audience.

Showcase how your product or service works and drive more sales.

Teach your audience something new, so they understand your solution.

Present the best version of yourself at conferences, events and gatherings.

Set the tone with a showcase video to launch your new product or service.

Your new video production sidekick and his crew of uber-creative producers, designers, and marketeers are eager to serve, empower your brand and guide you towards victory today.


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