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An adventure in mountain biking, filming and motion graphics

Scott Green - 20th January 2016 - 0 comments

An experimental short film in mountain biking and motion graphics

As much as I love being at my desk I love stepping away from my work occasionally to get some fresh air. One particular morning I jumped on my mountain bike and rode 11 miles to a place called Chew Reservoir with my GoPro and filmed the action just for editing and VFX fun!


It was 9th September 2015 when I heading out from my home in Chadderton towards Greenfield with my GoPro and start my mountain biking film, just for fun.

As you can imagine, the full journey would have been a bit boring to watch in real-time, but because I really wanted to try some new colour grading techniques, and to make some rather dull footage as interesting as possible, I just used the footage I’d filmed from the journey back instead, which was a bit more exciting than the footage I’d captured going up there, and twice as long!

Plus, I really wanted to try out a new After Effects plugin I’d found called GeoLayers to animate a map of my journey with a few motion graphics and statistics.

I really didn’t want to show the 1 hour journey, or spend too much time playing around with this experimental project, so once my decent to the bottom of the hill was over I just sped the whole thing up until I arrived back home and added a few effects along the way, including some glitchy broken TV or CCTV style effects to disguise the location of my house from internet bike thieves – I’m not daft!

Total distance: 22.13 miles / Total riding time: 2hr 8mins / Max altitude: 1605ft / Min altitude: 346ft

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