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Bold Cycles.

Born in the Swiss mountains, the Unplugged Volume 1 from Bold Cycles is an aggressive Enduro machine that’s designed to attack the steep, rough and technical with confidence and stability.

Archie Casson of the Bold Riders Crew told us about his new enduro weapon; How its pioneering internal suspension system, adjustable geometry that’s accessable from the handlebars, helps him to “unplug” from everyday life and hold that perfect line out on the trails.

Intrigued, we asked if he’d bring it into the studio so we could make a little promo video for him and Bold.

Bold-Cycles-Unplugged-Volume-1-MTB-Promo-Video-Before-04.jpg Bold-Cycles-Unplugged-Volume-1-MTB-Promo-Video-04.jpg
Bold-Cycles-Unplugged-Volume-1-MTB-Promo-Video-Before-06.jpg Bold-Cycles-Unplugged-Volume-1-MTB-Promo-Video-06.jpg
Bold-Cycles-Unplugged-Volume-1-MTB-Promo-Video-Before-10.jpg Bold-Cycles-Unplugged-Volume-1-MTB-Promo-Video-10.jpg
Bold-Cycles-Unplugged-Volume-1-MTB-Promo-Video-Before-12.jpg Bold-Cycles-Unplugged-Volume-1-MTB-Promo-Video-12.jpg
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