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My portrait photography shoot with Saddleworth Studios.

Scott Green - 18th January 2019 - 0 comments

It’s about time that people can put a face to the name on the new website and our social media — So Saddleworth Studios stepped in to do a vivid portrait photography shoot at their studio in Greenfield.


I’m always seeing pictures of business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and their teams online, so I thought I’d see what value it could bring to Motion Videos UK’s profiles on social media. I had to do something different. That’s just me. And it had to be something a bit more imaginative than the regular office selfie, or snap of me posing next to some pissy doorway with my arms folded.

I started working on a creative brief for the photographer – although I already knew who I wanted to with with on this, Phil Melia at Saddleworth Studios.

Phil and I had chatted a lot since I moved to Saddleworth last year and I came across his company and forced myself on him. He’s got such a keen eye for detail, and both his commercial photography and portraiture is simply stunning. I was very keen to get in his studio and see what we could do together so this was the perfect opportunity to kick off a new working relationship with another talented creative.


I’ve always been a fan of monotone colour schemes in my past work, but since my new brand was starting to introduce a wider variety of colours I really wanted my photos to be vivid, colourful, and eye-catching to suit the brand – the three primary colours would be used for lighting and clothing: Electric Lime, Magenta and Cyan, and then we would experiment with the Tangerine, Violet and Peppermint secondary colours in the studio or in post-production.

Vivid brand colour scheme around Electric Lime

I set up a Pinterest board for colour portrait photography and lighting inspiration and got to work sourcing images that inspired me. I mean, 99% of them had professional models in them, which I am certainly not, I’m just a motion graphics designer but I wasn’t interested in that. The shots that really caught my eye were those that had really stiking and contrasting light colours. This is exactly what I wanted, and what Phil was going to have to pull off. I had no doubts that he’d be up for the challenge. So I guessed all I had to do next was figure out what I was going to wear on the shoot.

Arc'teryx Alpha FL Gore-Tex® Pro Jacket (Lichen)

I’ve been in love with this brand called Arc’teryx since I bought one of their Alpha FL Gore-Tex® Pro jackets in this ‘Lichen’ colour. It’s my favourite piece of clothing, crafted to perfection, totally weatherproof, and an essential piece of outdoor kit for where I live now. Plus, it looks f**king awesome under studio lights! I put on pair of Maui Jim ‘Twin Falls’ sunglasses in Olive Fade too so we could play around with reflections and spraying water on them.

Chris Ainsley first introduced me to Arc’teryx. He runs an outdoor adventure company called Optimal Adventures and we’ve got an exciting video in production at the moment using Chris’ outdoor skills, in some breathtaking locations, and featuring more Arc’teryx wear coming soon in 2019… more about that another time.


Phil used his Leica M-P 240 digital rangefinder camera with a 50mm f1.4 Summilux ASPH lens and Elinchrom lighting for all of the studio photograhy, with the f1.4 lens offering great detail, beautiful colours, and fantastic depth-of-field.

We also had the very talented video director Brian Spranklen on board to assist with directing and lighting, and the three of us had some interesting conversations about collaborative projects too. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from Saddleworth Studios, Shooting Gallery Films, and some expeditions with Adventure Lumiere around here in the future.


I guess all you need to do now is follow on social media and see what I'm about to do with these photos on my social media profiles.

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