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    2D Illustration, 3D Animation, Charts & Statistics, Infographics

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    Who is SSON?

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    Animated event videos

  • Date:

    February 2017



SSON were looking for someone to produce some stylish animated event videos. They would be designed to help inform industry professionals about their brand – Impressed with the explainer animation we did, we managed to squeeze another one in for them at the last minute.


SSON got in touch after seeing a similar event video we did for IQPC. This video had to be more stylish and show what their new services were offering in a fun way. They wanted two animated event videos at first, but I wanted to do one perfect one instead of two rushed ones.

Luckily everything ran like clockwork. Which is quite unusual when working with a huge organisation for the first time, where everyone has an opinion, and with an 8 hour time difference between us too! – That’s what you get when you take the time to plan a project properly with good communication.



We had loads of info that SSON wanted in their animation. After some serious thought, we made it more engaging and improved it's flow.


Storyboards were made to help see how the finished piece would look, and imagine how things would move - Any good video needs planning if it's going to be a success.


Most of the graphics were designed directly in After Effects, which gave us lots of flexibility over their look and how they were animated.


What was great is how scenes moved in a seamless fashion using the logo's lines as transitions. Without planning it would have been near impossible to get the same result.


Their flat logos were re-designed and animated in 3D. They used looping versions of their logos on big screens at their event too.

Animated event videos 3D logo animation


'A Village of 100 Shared Resource Centres' animated event video

Things weren’t going well with the animator they’d been using for their opening video – He just couldn’t do it to the same professional standard. Since the first project ran so smoothly, there was no reason why we couldn’t tackle another quick one in time for the event.


I worked with Scott on two animated videos for my organisation which had two very different purposes and styles. I was extremely pleased with both of them. Scott just seemed to 'get' the brief from the outset and understood exactly what I was looking to achieve (better than I did myself!) and he exceeded my expectations from the start, with the initial storyboards he drafted, and this then continued throughout the projects. He came up with a sleek, sophisticated look for first video, which was beyond my creative imagination, and a completely different but equally impressive look for the second video. In addition, he worked to an extremely tight deadline on the second video and was flexible, available and patient throughout. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Scott to anyone who is looking for a talented, creative and flexible video designer.

— Sian Jenkins

Head of Marketing, SSON