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    Charts & Statistics, Headings & Titles, Motion Graphics

  • Title:

    Working at Coinbase

  • Type:

    Promo motion graphics

  • Date:

    May 2018



We helped an independent filmmaker provide a global cryptocurrency brand with an immersive promotional film that used branded motion graphics and a 3D geometric landscape animation.


Independent director and filmmaker Raja Virdi asked if we could animate a 3D intro, name tags, heading and titles, in a way that accurately matched the Coinbase brand and previous videos that they’d had produced. Oh, and we only had two days after filming for it to be edited and uploaded to Coinbase’s YouTube channel – No sweat!



We created the 3D geometric landscape in the intro using a plugin called Trapcode MIR and some clever camera trickery.


We use code to generate automated animations rather than doing things manually which could take a long time otherwise.


Coinbase animated wallet code


Scott was a pleasure to work with on the Coinbase promotional film. He was insightful in giving ideas for how to structure the motion graphics and the works done were to an extremely high standard, done swiftly, and within tight deadlines. The client was very impressed, and I'm looking forward to working together again in the near future.

— Raja Virdi

Director & Filmmaker, RSV Studios