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    Match Moving, Motion Graphics, Motion Tracking, Videography

  • Title:

    Be Assured. Be Informed.

  • Type:

    Corporate explainer video

  • Date:

    September 2017



InformMii needed help explaining their complex system and app to potential investors. We helped simplify their message and portray it using film and motion graphics.



The complexity of the InformMii app and navigation system meant that they were spending a lot of time explaining ‘what it is’ to potential investors – Time that could have better spent telling them how it could benefit their business and customers.

A corporate explainer video production would help InformMii easily demonstrate what the product was about, then enable customers to ask questions about the finer details, which in turn would let InformMii get on with actually selling the product to them.

The InformMii navigation system is a means of reaching out to both new and current disabled customers. It allows service providers to connect with them through an easy-to-use smartphone app.

It’s designed to work independently and doesn’t need to be integrated onto the company’s system, which is a major benefit in assisting an individuals disability needs in terms finding accessible routes, emergency escape plans for buildings etc.

InformMii just needed a simple and visual way to get this across to their customers.



InformMii provided a rough script of everything that they wanted to say in the video which was refined into a more engaging version that would retain the viewers interest throughout the duration of the video.


We started filming in the Wirral at the house of the app user with Adam and Annette. Reading from the script footage and sound was captured from various angles. We also filmed additional 4K footage in and around Liverpool.


Camera movements and some elements of scenery where ‘motion tracked’ using Match Moving techniques, so that graphics could be attached to them, making them look like they were a part of the environment.


InformMii could not recommend Motion Videos UK highly enough for our corporate explainer video production. Scott was very professional, creative and completed the work before the deadline. We will certainly be commissioning future work. Thank you again.

— Jacqui Cross

Director, InformMii