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    Animated Story, Character Animation, Hand-Drawn Illustration

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    The Future Of Team Management

  • Date:

    September 2015

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    Illustrated Character Animation



We helped Nice & Polite provide the BBC with a one-of-a-kind illustrated character animation. It was produced in a sketchy, hand-drawn style with parallax movement – It just worked!


Presented as part of a series of videos at the BBC Manager Roadshow, this bespoke illustrated character animation was created in collaboration with creative content agency Nice & Polite. It was designed to illustrate changes in HR, offer support to around 2,000 BBC managers, and as a result, allow them to do their work more effectively.

With the deadline looming Nice & Polite didn’t want to just settle for an average run-of-the-mill animation. They spoke to their colleague (talented director and filmmaker) Michael Holyk, and he didn’t hesitate to recommend us for the project.

We’ve worked together on a bunch of projects for over a decade with Michael, and he told Matt that “Scott’s really creative, and always delivers on time.” So we arranged a conference call that same evening and the project was underway the very next morning.

“Scott was eager to get cracking and by the following morning we had received his storyboards and character sketches. We told him we liked the initial designs, but had imagined a ‘looser’ style. Not long after, we received new illustrations of the characters and a BBC office scene in exactly the style we were looking for. Perfect!”



Everything in this illustrated character animation had to be thoroughly thought out before starting any illustration work.


Character movements were animated using a mixture of manual keyframing and the Puppet Tool in After Effects.


Each character’s body part and all of the scene elements were hand drawn on paper using pencil in a ‘sketchy’ style.


The layered scenery moved horizontally in a parallax fashion to create dynamic transitions between scenes.


The sketches were scanned at high resolution, carefully cut out, and then layered in Photoshop ready for animation.


Trapcode 3D Stroke was used to generate organic stroke styles for things like the tears (0:44) and handwriting (1:36).


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The project began to take shape very quickly. Scott was always available to speak to on the phone and quick to respond to our emails. The final product was delivered on time and was exactly what we were looking for, and more. We’re happy we found him and will undoubtedly be using Motion Videos UK again in the future for more exciting projects. Thank you so much for your professionalism and creativity.

— Matt Frost

Producer, Nice & Polite