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    Match Moving, Motion Graphics, Motion Tracking

  • Title:

    Michelin sole technology

  • Type:

    Product video motion graphics

  • Date:

    May 2020


Michelin® 'Sole Technology' product promo video.

From tyres to soles — matching Michelin’s tyre technology with Northwave’s shoe know-how, this product video featured Northwave’s mountain biking enduro shoes, and fused live action footage with dynamic motion graphics and design.


White Noise Media filmed live action footage at Gisburn Forest then challenged me with highlighting key product features in an exciting, technical, informative, and aesthetically pleasing way. Using my signature style of tracking and connecting graphics to the scenery in the video (including aerial drone footage) I made the information feel like it was in the forest with the biker — connecting the rider and the product, with their passion for biking and the outdoors in a smooth, exhilarating product video that would stand the test of time.