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Corporate Videos


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    3D Animation, Corporate, Organic

  • Title:

    Bringing Mature Financial Technologies to Cryptocurrency Markets

  • Type:

    Dynamic Corporate Animation

  • Date:

    September 2018



We helped a fellow independent motion designer from Manchester to create and organic corporate animation for an online cryptocurrency trading platform called Xtrade.


Independent Manchester based motion designer and animator Tom Farrell asked if we could help him create some 3D elements for an animation. They were for an organic corporate animation for cryptocurrency trading giant Xtrade and had to be highly dynamic and constantly moving.

We’d recently been experimenting with a sophisticated little plugin that produces big results called X-Particles. After seeing Tom’s storyboards we knew this was going to be the perfect opportunity to really put our X-Particles abilities to the test.



Simple 3D spheres were manipulated in Cinema 4D using metaballs, spline wrapping and cloning techniques.


Lighting effects, lens flare and colour grading to give the overall feel of the film a more cinematic look.


To speed up the rendering process on the project we used a render farm called TurboRender.


Scott's imagination when it comes to creating motion graphics and video is astounding. You give him the gist of what you want, let his creativity do its thing, take a look at his work, tweak it and you're done. It really is that easy to work with Scott.

— Tom Farrell

Independent Motion Designer, Manchester