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    3D Animation, Interview, Manchester Bee, Social

  • Title:

    Help Our Hive Thrive

  • Type:

    Social campaign animation

  • Date:

    November 2017



Since November 2017 we’ve worked with Garage Design on a variety of different social campaign videos for Essity – a leader in global hygiene.


We’ve worked with Garage Design on a number of internal corporate campaign videos for Essity – a leading global hygiene and health company. From ones with a Manchester Bee theme, to ones based on the popular 80’s TV show The A-Team.


We made a 3D model of Manchester in a geometric honeycomb pattern, with hexagonal shaped buildings and skyscrapers. Then we animated a camera fly-through so it appeared as though the bee was flying through the clouds and into the Essay building.

All of the footage, imagery and music was provided by Garage Design. It was just up to us to put everything into place, make it look snazzy, and represent the company and the city of Manchester in an interesting way.


Bee Stings

A series of five 30 second animated stings for Essity’s ‘Help Our Hive Thrive’ campaign.

TAWD Mill Timeline

We also help Essity to get across the history of their TAWD Mill in an animated timeline style video.


We've partnered with Scott on a few video projects now and we have been really impressed with his work. Not only does he take your brief and add creative flair, he is diligent, understands complex projects and works hard to achieve client objectives.

— Rachael Taylor

Director, Garage Design & Marketing