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Let us help people to visualise your story, and then remember it forever.

Before we begin any sort of animation we get to know you and understanding your story. We’ll then go away and ponder for a minute while we try to see through the eyes of your audience. Soon after we’ll come back to you with clever solutions for presenting your story to the world in the best possible way. You’ll be impressed, and and then the real fun begins!

Highly skilled in many forms of animation – We’re confident that your viewers will love your new visual storytelling product as much as you do. And no matter where they are now in the world or where they’re from, we’ll make sure they understand your story easily and remember it forever.

Our animation process

What's involved

This animation for the BBC was made back in 2015. It was designed to support around 2,000 BBC managers – demonstrating changes in their HR department.

The characters and environments were all illustrated by hand to begin with. Then, the pencil drawings were scanned at high resolution, and all of the pieces (body parts, furniture etc.) cut out on the computer using Photoshop. In After Effects everything was brought together with the scenes animated in a sort of Parallax fashion.

This made for a really easy to understand animation (at least for the BBC bosses anyway) from a complex story that was told in a fun and engaging way.


BBC 'The Future Of Team Management'