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Graphic Design & Illustration

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Design and Illustration


Fusing video with design

Pixels, pen, pencil or paint – we’re great with all kinds of animatable design and illustration whether it’s hand-drawn or computer generated.

The Motion Videos UK team has a wealth of experience in traditional graphic design, illustration and typography as well as video production and motion graphics.

Now we’ve taken the logical step of fusing video with design to create stunning video projects, combining stunning live action video with memorable motion graphics created from original graphic design and illustration.

This gives you a new way to tell your story, a way that will stick in the minds of your audience long after they’ve forgotten about your competition. We all have our stories to tell. It’s how we tell them that determines whether they stand the test of time.

Video design can be applied to promotional videos, marketing videos, corporate videos – any area where you need to impart valuable information in an easily accessible format.

By partnering with Motion Videos UK and making the most of our expertise in video design you will ensure that your story, your brand, your products, your services are the ones people remember …and buy.

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  • Graphic Design – 2D and 3D. We’re not just motion designers – We’re graphic designers who just happen to be good at making design that moves! If it exists in real life we can definitely build and animate it. And if it doesn’t exist? Well, we’ll build and animate that too!
  • Illustration – Pixels, pen, pencil or paint – we’re great with all kinds of animatable illustration whether it’s hand-drawn or computer generated.
  • Photography – It doesn’t have to be moving for us to make it interesting. You’d be amazed at the things we can do with a good quality photo or two!
  • Typography Design – Bored of seeing the same type of text animation on Youtube videos, and poorly designed logos that fade or spin onto the screen? Us too. Let’s get creative with your logo and type.
  • Logo Design – A strong brand or logo design will make a business stand out and be remembered in a competitive market. Let us create a logo for you that stands out from the crowd and stands the test of time.
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Let’s talk about designing or illustrating a video

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