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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are used to make information unforgettable.

Information made unforgettable.

Before we begin any sort of animation we get to know you and understanding your story. We’ll then go away and ponder for a minute while we try to see through the eyes of your audience. Soon after we’ll come back to you with clever solutions for presenting your story to the world in the best possible way. You’ll be impressed, and and then the real fun begins!

Highly skilled in many forms of animation – We’re confident that your viewers will love your new visual storytelling product as much as you do. And no matter where they are now in the world or where they’re from, we’ll make sure they understand your story easily and remember it forever.

Let us tell you a story

What's involved

A while back we met with a potential client (let’s call him Dave) who was interested in using video to promote his vehicle servicing and repairs business. We’d prepared a great presentation that demonstrated our technical ability and were confident that we’d make a good impression but when we got talking Dave asked “What are motion graphics?”

We said “Erm… motion graphics are a way to bring your information to life.” Which is true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Well Dave, if you write about your business on your website you’re expecting people to spend their precious time reading about your business; with motion graphics, they can see you and your business in action. You’re giving them something that’s interesting, motivating, understandable, likeable and above all, memorable. Maybe in your marketing strategy you could use animated infographics, or we could shoot footage of your working day, meeting your happy customers, doing services…and overlay the video with informative and entertaining motion graphics that would show people how trustworthy and reliable you are. You see Dave, people don’t share facts, they share stories and you have a great story to share with people.

Or at least that’s what we should have said!

The trouble is that most people simply don’t remember facts. Motion graphics help to make the facts more engaging and memorable.


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