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Music Videos

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Music Video Production


Poetry in motion

A music video is a short film produced for promotional or artistic purposes integrating a music artists song with imagery, footage, graphics, animation or visual effects. Music videos are made and used as a marketing tool designed to promote the sale of music recordings.

Your sounds, our visuals

We have produced music videos for independent artists, management, PR and record labels. Our creative team specialises in producing stunning visuals to accompany your epic sounds.

Using the latest video and editing techniques and equipment, as well as our own creative thought processes, Motion Videos UK can produce a striking, inspiring music video production that reflect the message you’re putting out there through your lyrics.

If there’s one thing we have lots of experience in and love doing – it’s music videos. We’ve already worked with artists like D12, Jake Bugg and jazz hip hop fusion band Us3 and various Manchester music groups. Will you be our next music video success story?

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Let’s talk about making music videos

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