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Video Production

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Video production Manchester


The only limit is your imagination

Video production is the process of making a video by capturing or creating moving pictures. It can be a mix of videography, design, and CGI. In fact, the only limitation is your imagination.

At Motion Videos UK we are highly skilled in all areas of video production from concept to completion.

Whether it’s a TV commercial, corporate video, online marketing video, music video or any other variety of video that you can imagine, there are 3 stages to any video production in order to make it the most effective it can be.


This is where we set the overall vision for the project and is probably the most important stage in the process.

Pre-production involves meetings to understand the expectations and goals for you or your business – this is supported by consistent communications throughout the production to ensure you’re always kept in the loop with our progress.

Then we brainstorm and scribble ideas (no matter how adventurous) before we create storyboards that help you to visualise the finished product, and to make sure that you’re happy before production begins.


The production phase of the video production process is where we create the assets for your video. Whether it be filming video footage, editing photographic imagery, designing text, background textures or 3D models, this is where we start to pull everything together and your video begins to take shape.

This is where the footage is recorded and/or CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is produced. From the pre-production phase we’ll have a good idea of the scenes that we need to capture or create and any supplementary footage (B-roll) or graphics that need to be included in the finished product.


Following the production, we go into the Post-Production phase of the project and make the magic happen. We cover everything from Video Editing, Colour Correction and Grading, Motion Graphics, VFX (Visual Effects) and countless other creative processes to make your video sparkle and truly come to life.

With so many different aspects and variations to every video project that we undertake, and with bespoke solutions for each, we wouldn’t like to bore you with all of the technical ins-and-outs that go into a full video production. Instead, we’d suggest that you Get in touch so we can take a look over your brief and provide you with information that’s specific to your individual project.

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