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The importance of visual storytelling.

Scott Green - 4th March 2019 - 0 comments

If you have ever watched an online video that was so mesmerizing, it made you forget what you were doing and become completely engaged in the story, the producer of that video has done his job properly.

The goal of that video was to engage you and to convey a message, whether it be informational or marketing related. Effective visual storytelling has made that video much more interesting and has given the video content value. The way we consume content today is changing and for businesses to succeed, they have to change along with it.

Some interesting stats that will help you understand the importance of visual storytelling.

8 Seconds

The average human attention span.


The amount of your brain involved in visual processing.


Percentage of consumers who want more immersive marketing experiences.


The amount of organic reach Facebook video posts have over photo posts.

The change in content consumption.

Using visual storytelling in your video content to tell a story and engage with your audience is more effective than traditional online content with photos. Images and videos are processed by our brains at a rate that is 60,000 times faster than text. When that content tells a story, it becomes a much more effective way to reach potential customers. It can help the customer relate better with your brand and increase brand trust.

The benefits of visual storytelling in your marketing videos.

Visual storytelling increases your reach – when a potential customer watches video content online or on social media, if the content is interesting and tells a story, they will be much more likely to share your content. doesn’t grab their attention and tell them a story, they will be less likely to share it. Visual storytelling increases your reach by ensuring that your content is shared from one person to another.

Visual storytelling engages your audience – Visual storytelling in your online video content engages your audience and gets them to respond to your call-to-action.

Visual storytelling sets your company apart – you can differentiate your company from others in your industry by adding visual storytelling to your video content. It will also help you engage better with your customers and build trust.

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