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Video Production — The Secret Ingredient of Online Marketing

Scott Green - 1st January 2015 - 0 comments

Video production is the secret ingredient of any successful digital marketing strategy. Every serious marketer and business owner should incorporate video into their budgets. Why? Let the numbers speak for themselves.

On average, every Internet user spends 19 hours per month watching video online. That’s 19 hours that companies can fill with valuable and shareable content. We are all hungry for fresh content to share with our friends so, as you can see, there is a lot of space to fill.

If you sell products online, you should be particularly interested in video. Did you know that if you include product videos on your website, customers are likely to watch them 60 percent of the time? And, what is even more encouraging, they are 174 percent more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.

We are now in the middle of an online video revolution. The sooner you embrace it, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards. If you have any questions about video animation, please get in touch today.

Motion graphics have become the most powerful digital online marketing tool available to businesses today. They allow business owners and marketers to communicate their mission quickly and effectively.

Videos can capture the attention of your target audience more successfully than text and can keep your visitors engaged for longer. But what is perhaps even more important, a video is likely to be shared by your customers. It is a source of buzz and this viral marketing is what every smart marketer is after these days.

It is often said that consumers have made traditional marketing irrelevant. They have learned to avoid advertising and easy to spot marketing communications. They are not interested in being sold anything. They want to learn. And this is where content marketing comes in. It is a strategy of creating valuable online content which is able to attract a targeted audience that wants to be educated.

People hate being sold to, they turn away from companies that interrupt their communication with a hard sell. Do you recognise this behaviour in yourself?

As an Internet user you know best what works and what doesn’t. Would you rather spend time watching a video that makes you more educated and well-informed or read a lengthy sales letter? The idea behind content marketing is that if clients buy from you, it’s a reward for the time and effort you put into making them smarter. They are able to make an informed decision and therefore they choose your product.

It’s a win-win situation. The customers are also more likely to be satisfied with their purchase because they are not buying a product or service blindly. They have done their research and they trust you. Are you ready to start creating outstanding content? If so, it’s time to find the right video production company for you.

Choosing Motion Videos UK As Your Motion Graphics Studio

Motion Videos UK is a small and innovative design and motion graphics studio in Manchester that is ready to work on your next project. If you want to produce the next Internet sensation, a YouTube hit that goes viral – you are in the right place.

At Motion Videos UK we understand very well that people have short attention spans are not willing to concentrate on anything that doesn’t benefit them immediately.

Our videos are able to keep them engaged for long periods of time. And once a visitor has invested time in watching your video, they are more likely to invest even more time and money in your products. At Motion Videos UK we have a vast experience in delivering engaging and valuable motion graphics that captivate your audience and make them come back for more.

Our approach to business relationships and every project is consultative. Each idea is unique just as every business is.

When an Internet user visits your website, you have only 10 to 30 seconds to grab their attention. This is the time you have to communicate your message as clearly as possible. If you fail to keep your visitors engaged, you can easily lose them to a more streamlined communication strategy. You can avoid that by hiring the right motion graphics specialist who will be able to guide you all along the way of the complicated process of creating a successful online video.

Are you ready to take the first step? It’s easy. Simply pick up the phone and call +44 (0) 7706 793 483, or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions about video production.

Feel free to browse our website and discover some great companies we have worked with and the outstanding videos we have produced for them.

Additional Information Regarding Animation and Motion Graphics

Maybe you are wondering how animation with video production works? It is a method in which still images are displayed in a very quick sequence.

This helps in creating the illusion of movement. Images shown in this method could be drawn by hand, created utilising a graphics software, or can even be photography of 3D objects. Regardless of what the original source of graphics, it is actually the human brain which allows it to be seen and regarded as animated objects.

There are 3 kinds of animated videos: computer generated, stop motion and the traditional animations. All these techniques can be used to create 2D or 3D images. Traditionally, animated films are produced with every frame drawn by hand.

Every second of a movie needs about 25 drawings, so it is a really tedious, labour-intensive and time-consuming procedure. After the drawings are finished, they’re scanned and combined with the appropriate sounds and music.

Another animation technique is stop motion. You may be already familiar with it as you’ve probably seen movies such as “Nightmare Before Christmas” or “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. In this technique, animators first utilise real objects which can be clay, household items, and even paper. They photograph those items one frame at a time. Once all of the necessary items are photographed, they’re transferred to a computer software and combined with sound and music.

The fastest way of creating animated movies, however, is by using a dedicated, professional software. The process behind 2D and 3D animated graphics is very different. With 2D computer animated features, an artist creates a series of pictures – this is rather similar to the traditional method.

But to achieve 3D images, a model should be created first. It can be done using variables or by utilising motion capture – by filming live people in order to utilise their movements for the 3D models.

If you do not want to go through the entire process of creating an animated video production as part of the marketing efforts of your company, but you still need your content to be noticeable, there’s an easier (and inexpensive) option and that is animating parts of a flat image.

You will have to use specialised software yourself or you can ask your chosen graphic designer to do it for you. You will need to utilise a computer program such as Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion.

These programs offer various different plug-ins which enable you to layer parts of a graphical illustration or a photograph and animate specific areas of it. Once this is completed, a picture will look alive like something is happening to it. You may have seen this technique being used on some creative blogs and other websites. The results can be remarkable and certainly will attract a lot more attention than flat, still images.

Not long ago, shareable infographics were the key to creating viral content on the web. They were considered simple to use and consume by customers, enlightening and educational. More often than not, they were humorous, demonstrated with quirky images and attention-grabbing design components. But infographics aren’t content kings any more – motion graphics have already taken this position.

But why did infographics become so in demand in the first place? According to a lot of studies, infographics deliver information more efficiently than plain text. And the exact same rule applies to animated graphics – some details are easier to digest when presented in an animated format.

Ideas that are very complex can be simplified and made more appealing to the public if they’re shown rather than told. If you have motion, animated objects, sound and text at your disposal, it is much easier to provide data-rich info.

Do you know content marketing? If you’re just beginning, it’s essential that you understand how content marketing works and the best way to use motion graphics in your marketing efforts. You see, in recent years, consumers have made traditional marketing obsolete. They learnt to see and ignore advertising in magazines, can skip TV advertisements, and install pop-up blockers to prevent seeing any banners online. Marketing as we know it has become irrelevant.

But there must be a much better approach to communicating your message, right? Right. It is called content marketing. Seth Godin, an American author has mentioned that content marketing is the only marketing left. It’s a technique of making relevant and valuable content which has the capability to attract an extremely targeted audience. The goal of this type of advertising will be to alter or improve customer’s behaviour.

Content marketing is an ongoing process which has to be incorporated into the overall strategy of your business. It is the art of communicating with your customers without the hard sell. The marketing message doesn’t interject the communication. You’re not pushing your products but instead, you’re delivering information which makes your customer smarter, more educated and willing to make an informed choice. If a customer decides to purchase from you, it is a reward for the info and knowledge you provided them with.

You’ve managed to build trust and loyalty, which they would never be able to gain if you only utilised traditional marketing and advertising. Can you see now how amazing quality, educational motion graphics design can take your company from traditional sales-oriented advertising to content marketing? Now, content promotion is executed by smart businesses around the world from freelancers’ sites, small businesses’ YouTube channels, to such giants as Microsoft, P&G and Cisco systems.

So what is the future of content marketing? Video production and cartoon, of course. As the online landscape becomes overloaded with companies attempting to sell everything to everyone and more businesses trying to enforce content marketing but doing it poorly, a well-made video content becomes more and more in demand. Today, all companies have to try a bit harder to get noticed by the public.

Internet users love video and social networking and they love videos too. Facebook, for example, makes videos play automatically in user feeds and gives particular recognition to pages which publish video content. In the era of competing for reach on social websites, such advantages are very significant. YouTube is considered to be more important than television; Twitter is for many people the main source of breaking news and opinions. You need to get your content there and if it’s video content – you’re ahead.

Many people still think of animated movies as something that are mostly used for amusement, TV and video games. But as you already know, they also have great marketing potential. Animated materials are frequently used in educational productions, particularly in tutorials. Many Internet users find it better to follow an animated tutorial than a written one, particularly if it’s illustrated with pictures (it’s particularly valid for software tutorials).

And, as you may remember, educational content is just one of the top options for your content marketing strategy. Educate your viewers and they’ll purchase from you. If you are managing your own business or are responsible for the marketing department of your company, you understand how crucial it really is to continuously learn and evolve.

You are aware it is not enough just to follow the trends as you also have to anticipate them as well. And, as you see, animation and video production is the way forward in digital marketing. If you would like your company to get ahead, you must try it out as soon as you can. Find the most suitable production company for you and you will take the Internet by storm!

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