A seamless timeline explainer animation highlighting the importance of product security to AstraZeneca employees.

AstraZeneca believes that patients have the right to receive genuine medicines; this is challenged every day through illegal activities such as counterfeiting, theft, and diversion. The high cost of drugs (both in the developed and emerging markets) can mean that patients decide to obtain medicines from unregulated, lower-cost sources, creating opportunities for criminals. Furthermore, when drugs get illegally traded, the patient does not know how it has been handled, stored or transported, which could cause harm or even death. Ultimately, these illegal activities could have severe consequences for the brand’s reputation due to its increased media presence.

AstraZeneca’s Product Security strategy focuses on patient safety and assurance to customers. Therefore, we (in collaboration with Content Chemistry) had to devise a seamless timeline explainer animation based around product security. It would ensure that all AstraZeneca employees understood the relevant product security standards and processes they must apply when executing their roles; doing all they can to secure their products and supply chains to retain patient confidence and trust.

This informative and seamless timeline explainer animation took less than a week to produce. On-brand minimalistic iconography and colour themes highlighted the problem to AstraZeneca employees, informing them about the product security standard they must adhere to in order to save lives and protect the brand reliability.

Internal services

Storyboarding. Graphic Design. Illustration. 2D Animation. Motion Design.

External services

Concept development. Scriptwriting. Music. Voiceover.


Adobe After Effects. Joysticks & Sliders. Adobe Illustrator.


AstraZeneca / Content Chemistry / Audio Network

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Tom Farrell
Tom Farrell
The imagination when it comes to creating motion graphics and video is astounding. You give him the gist of what you want, let his creativity do its thing, take a look, tweak it and you're done. It really is that easy working with Motion Videos UK.
Tom Farrell, Founder, Big Thing.


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