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Video Production

We specialise in producing clever corporate videos, marvellous marketing videos, powerful product videos, epic music videos and other supremely entertaining and informative videos to ‘wow’ your viewers.

Corporate Videos

B2B videos that companies and businesses use to showcase, educate, inform and promote their services to other businesses.

Product Videos

Product videos show the benefits and features of a product with the aim of persuading the viewer that it will improve their life.

Marketing Videos

Marketing videos promote a brand, product or service and are an essential ingredient in today’s successful online and TV marketing campaigns.

Music Videos

Produced for promotional or artistic purposes, or to promote the sale of music – our music videos translate a song into imagery perfectly.

Brand Videos

Idents, animated logos, title sequences and intro videos – our branding videos are designed to establish a brand and make it memorable.

Advertising Videos

Use short, impactful adverts on social media, in-store or on TV to cut through the noise of other advertisers and deliver your message.

Explainer Videos

Short, fun and informative videos designed to be entertaining, capture, and retain the viewers attention more effectively than just text or images alone.


The pre-production phase of the video production process is where we set the overall vision for the project, and is the most important stage in the video production process.

Research & Testing

We seek out inspiration to get our creative juices flowing and test our ideas to uncover the best solution for your video project.

Brainstorming & Ideas

We brainstorm, scribble and jot down ideas, no matter how ambitious, before putting them into a logical order in storyboards.

Scriptwriting & Storyboards

Scripts and storyboards smooth out the production and help to visualise the outcome so there are no hidden surprises.


The production phase of the video production process is where we create the assets for your video. Whether it be filming video footage, editing photographic imagery, designing text, background textures or 3D models, this is where we start to pull everything together and your video begins to take shape. It can involve any one of, or numerous combinations of, the following elements too.

Filming & Videography

We can shoot everything from low budget HD films and timelapse, to epic 4K movies in ultra slow motion!

Design & Illustration

We’re not just motion designers – We’re graphic designers who just happen to be good at making design that moves!

Branding & Logos

A strong brand or logo design will make a business stand out and be remembered in a competitive market.


The post-production phase of the video production process is where everything comes to life and the fun really begins.

Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics turn lifeless information into exciting visual experiences that audiences enjoy and respond to.


There are so many different animation techniques we can use to bring your story to life and make it memorable forever.


Not just for Hollywood blockbusters, and not nearly as expensive. We generate CGI and VFX to enhance all types of video.

Video Optimisation

A great video is useless if no-one can find it. That’s why with every video we produce, we can make sure it’s optimised to reach the largest audience possible.

Freelance Design & Illustration Specialist Manchester - Scott Green, Founder of Motion Videos UK

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