Motion Videos — Design & Animated Video Production Studio.​

Motion Videos is a creative motion design, animation and video production studio in Manchester. Making lovingly crafted videos that are easy to understand but difficult to forget.

Your brand deserves a video production agency that understands the value of animation as an audience engagement and communication tool. We’re experts in all aspects of motion design, animation, video production, and bringing ideas to life.

Furthermore, we make professional quality videos for ambitious agencies and brands across Manchester, the UK, and beyond.

Welcome to Motion Videos.


We strive to present hard-to-grasp concepts in ways that bring pleasure, meaning and beauty to our small world. We do this through our dynamic and creative motion graphic video design and production expertise.

Creative storytelling, innovative motion video design and professional savvy with your audience at the heart of everything we do.


Our objective is to deliver exciting, on-brand and successful video content. We help complex ideas to exist in the real world (sometimes unthinkable worlds too!) We produce cinematic visual experiences that connect people with real-life scenarios. Use animation to create curiosity and add that extra ‘wow’ factor when you need it most.

At Motion Videos, we combine such specialities as creative thinking, storytelling and design. We do this by giving your stories a vibrant life — A meaningful life that leaves a lasting impression.


Skilfully crafted motion videos that deliver outstanding results every time — that’s what the brands and agencies we roll with say.


We’re a multi-skilled video production company with a range of services all under one roof. Focused on collaboration, teamwork, and building trusted relationships with creative agencies and brands.

Our clients say we’re one of Manchester’s best motion video studios. Why? Firstly, we bring their visions to life in magnificent ways. Secondly, we move people in whichever direction they crave.

Furthermore, we’re a versatile motion video studio that can adapt to any sector. See what our beloved agencies and brands say about working with us. Get in touch to discover how we can make your vision a reality.


Bringing pleasure, meaning and beauty to our small world from our motion video design studio in the hills of Saddleworth.


Our motion video production studio is located in the village of Delph, Saddleworth. It’s a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Manchester. But yet, is a million miles away too. It’s the perfect place for creative thinking and visual exploration.

This is where we craft exciting visual journeys for viewers, share brands’ experiences, and connect audiences with their offerings.

We’re a small but professional video production service. With an award winning production team, dedicated creative team, and video editing experts. Specialising in TV commercials, music videos, social media videos, promotional videos, corporate video products and more.

We have a rock solid video production process. So you can rest assured that we can take any project from pre-production to completion.

Motion Videos Founder, Motion Design & Animated Video Production Expert — Scott Green

Meet your friendly neighbourhood Motion-Man.

Hello, I’m Scott — My life as a graphic designer began around 1996, I was an illustrator before that. After becoming a motion graphics designer and animator (2007) I founded Motion Videos (2015). More recently, (2022) I became a certified drone operator. I continue to move brands forward with new and innovative video solutions.


Motion design is in my DNA. I’ve been using Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D since the ’90s. Making design and moving imagery work hard for brands. Creativity is in my blood.

Whether it’s an eye-catching explainer video or an entire social media marketing campaign. Not to mention, I’m never afraid to push boundaries and my creative capabilities to the maximum.


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