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SSON  Who We Are

Shared services event brand explainer animation


Shared services global event explainer animation

Xtrade  Expect More

Crytocurrency brand explainer animation

Coinbase  Working At Coinbase

Crytocurrency brand promo motion graphics

BBC  The Future of Team Management

Broadcast corporate service explainer animation

Michelin  Northwave

Outerwear brand product promo motion graphics

InformMii  Be Assured Be Informed

Mobile app product explainer video

War Child  We Own The Future

Global charity social media campaign content

Hello Soda  Profile Personalisation

User experience product explainer animation

M&I Materials  High Energy Absorption

Specialist energy company product overview video

Bastille  Hanging

Abtract animated music video

Neiked  Sexual

Explicit animated music lyrics video

Karl Doran
Very professional and a pleasure to work with. Always produces work of the highest quality.

— Karl Doran

Founder and Creative Director, Flow Creative

Rachael Taylor
Diligent, understands complex projects, and works hard to achieve client objectives.

— Rachael Taylor

Director, Garage Design

Sian Jenkins
Created a sleek, sophisticated look, that was beyond my creative imagination. Brilliant!

— Sian Jenkins

Head of Marketing, SSON

Adrian Payne
Simply outstanding. Communication was first class, and our video recieved a round-of-applause.

— Adrian Payne

Strategic Airline Partnerships, Hertz Europe

Stephanie Griffiths
A lovely infographic piece produced to a very tight timescale. A pleasure to work with.

— Stephanie Griffiths

Development Director, Police Now

Gemma Shackleton
I was amazing at how well the process went. Creativity and originality certainly come as standard.

— Gemma Shackleton

Marketing Manager, M&I Materials

Clare Palmer
The quality of work produced was superb. Listened to our feedback immediately with a quick turnaround.

— Clare Palmer

Marketing Manager, Hello Soda

Lana Rachel Yaffe
Communication and efficiency was fantastic. Great to work with and will definitely be working with again.

— Lana Rachel Yaffe

Digital Design & Events Manager, Hello Soda

Barry McIntyre
Great quality work, a keen eye for detail, and extremely creative.

— Barry McIntyre

Global Marketing Director, IQPC

Gary Butterworth
Easy to work with, always quick to feedback, and produced a great finished video.

— Gary Butterworth

Project Director, Studio North

Anna-Christina Jones
Professional, adaptable, and flexible. Our video looks better than we could have ever expected.

— Anna-Christina Jones

Youth Justice Research Associate, Manchester Metropolitan University

Geoff Wilkinson
With a mad day filming, we wondered if it would work, but the masterful editing skills made total sense of it all.

— Geoff Wilkinson

Founder, Us3

Sophia Ray
Took control of a large portion of the creative look of the piece, from storyboards through to animation.

— Sophia Ray

Head of Creative, Nice & Polite

Matt Frost
Always available. The final product was delivered on time and was exactly what we were looking for, and more.

— Matt Frost

Producer, Nice & Polite

Paul Mayor
Very impressed with the can-do attitude and overall creativity. The After Effects experience was a great asset.

— Paul Mayor

Visual Creative, SMRS

Raja Virdi
Motion graphics of an extremely high standard done swiftly within tight deadlines. Very impressed.

— Raja Virdi

Director & Filmmaker

Hannah Richardson
Listened to our brief and interpreted it into something really engaging, whilst keeping us well informed.

— Hannah Richardson

Marketing Manager, First Recruitment Group

Enough about me. I want to hear about you.

Got an interesting project?

Enough about me. I want to hear about you.

Got an interesting project?