Your friendly neighbourhood Motion-Man is here...

To accompany you in your video marketing activities and guide you towards completing your mission — no matter how ambitious it may be.

On a quest to discover the antidote for your invisibility dilemma? Plotting on influencing humankind and world domination? No problemo!

Motion-Man (aka Scott Green) and his coalition of trusty allies are here to serve and empower your brand with uber-creative and indestructible visual experiences.

Capable of overpowering your most formidable adversaries. They will guide you towards victory in this complex digital universe… without the Hollywood price tag!

With their advanced (and somewhat radioactive) weapons of mass creation, and Scott’s super-sonic eye, they have the power to move mere mortals and get their senses tingling.

So, no matter how many hits you take or how many you want to make, rest assured that your motion design sidekick will always be there for you because…

the only thing that stands between your brand and total oblivion is Motion-Man.

Is your video content in distress?

Ping Motion-Man’s distress beacon with a message and he’ll be with you in a jiffy!

Follow our adventure.




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