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General questions

As a video production company, we frequently get asked the question: “Am I expected to know exactly what I want for my video production?” The answer is both yes and no. While it’s helpful for you to have a clear idea of what you want your finished product to look like and what you want it to achieve, it’s not necessary for you to have everything figured out from the start.

We can work with you to develop a creative concept and treatment that meets your needs and achieves your desired results. And, of course, we’ll be there to offer guidance and expertise every step of the way. So, if you’re not sure what you want for your video production, don’t worry – we can help you figure it out.

The length of time it takes to produce a video can vary based on the project and its complexity. A promotional clip might only require one day, but larger projects may need two or three weeks, or even longer before delivering the final product.

A lot goes into making any video from start (preparations) all the way through to post-production which includes editing footage together with motion graphics, animation and VFX in order make an engaging story line.

In general, the video production process includes four main stages: pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. MotionVideos will work with you every step of the way and always look for the most efficient way of producing the best-quality video possible for our clients.

There is no easy answer when it comes to the cost of producing a video. The price tag will vary depending on a number of factors, including the length and complexity of the video, the number of locations involved, and the need for any special effects or animation.

In addition, the cost of hiring professional actors and crew members can vary widely depending on their experience and reputation. As a result, the best way to get an accurate estimate for your video project is to talk to us about your project. We will be able to provide you with a more specific quote based on your unique needs and requirements.

As a professional video production company, we have a wide network of talented film and video professionals that we can tap into to help with your project.

Whether you need an actor, camera operator, editor or any other type of specialist, we can usually find someone who meets your needs. We’ll always do our best to find someone who meets your requirements. So if you have a specific vision for your video project, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us see what we can do to make it a reality.

Your video has a job to do and it must communicate clearly. It’s not all about the bells and whistles, as videos are more important than ever in today’s world with its fast-paced communication style that doesn’t allow time for anything but short bursts of information or entertainment; this makes getting your point across very challenging indeed!

MotionVideos understands these challenges because we work hard during the pre-production planning stages – understanding what kind objectives you want from us when producing an online video so we will work tirelessly so make sure our message gets through loud and clear.

There are a number of ways to measure the success of a video. One common metric is view count, which can give you an indication of how many people have watched the video. However, view count doesn’t necessarily tell you how engaged viewers were with the video or whether they took any action as a result of watching it.

Another metric to consider is completion rate, which measures how many people watched the video all the way through. This can give you a better idea of whether viewers found the video interesting and informative.

Finally, you can also track how many people clicked on links or took other actions after watching the video. This can help you to gauge whether the video was effective in achieving its objectives. By considering all of these factors, you can get a comprehensive picture of how successful your video was and adjust your video marketing strategy accordingly in order to achieve your objectives.

As technology advances, the answer to this question becomes more and more yes. It is now possible to update and edit a video production with relative ease and affordability. In the past, such a task would have been unthinkable, or at the very least, prohibitively expensive. However, depending on the videos complexity, thanks to advances in video editing software and hardware, it is now possible to make changes to a video production without breaking the bank. In addition, with the advent of cloud-based storage, it is easier than ever to keep a backup of a video production in case any changes need to be made down the line. As a result, it is now possible to update and edit a video production with relatively little effort or expense.

After the video production is a wrap, there are usually several hours of footage that didn’t make the final cut. So what happens to all that unused footage? In most cases, we will keep the footage on file in case we need to reference it at a later date. However, you’ve paid for the footage to be shot, it belongs to you, so you can use it for your own purposes (such as creating a behind-the-scenes reel or blooper reel). We’ll never sell it to another party or simply delete it without your permission. So if you think there’s a chance you might want to use the footage down the road, just let us know.
There’s no question that making an animated video is a more costly undertaking than filming a live-action video. After all, you have to pay for the animation software, the artist’s time, and any other special effects that you want to include. But does that necessarily mean that animated videos are more expensive to produce? Not necessarily. You see, with an animated video, you don’t have to worry about things like location costs, wardrobe, or props. And once you’ve created the initial animation, it’s relatively easy to make changes or update the visuals without having to film anything new. As a result, while animated videos may have a higher upfront cost, they can actually be more cost-effective in the long run.

Video production questions

Creative video production uses the art of visual storytelling to create videos that tell engaging stories.

Creativity often comes into play when brainstorming ideas for the video, developing the story, and choosing the visuals and music used. The production process can involve anything from script writing and storyboarding to shooting and editing the video with motion graphics.

Creative video production often takes a team of people to execute, including writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, and editors, and we have it all. But, no matter the objective, when done well, it can produce high-quality video that is both entertaining and informative.

Video production is a way to communicate your brand’s story in a way that’s not only effective and engaging but also memorable.

People remember images better than words, even more so for moving images! So video production is an excellent way to ensure that your company’s message sticks with your audience long after seeing it.

It can also help you stand out from the competition. You can create videos that aren’t just informative or educational; they can also be entertaining—and help you build a community around your brand.

There are many video production types, each with their own unique purpose and style but here are some examples that Motion Videos have to offer:

Product videos
Highlight the benefits of your product or service, introduce its features, and simply show off its capabilities.

Brand videos
Build awareness and intrigue audiences with videos using your brand’s voice. Generate leads and close deals.

Event videos
Present the best version of your brand at industry events and present information about a particular topic.

Launch videos
Set the tone with short, attention-grabbing marketing videos that promote new products and services.

Instructional videos
Teach your audience something new and provide information and instructions on a particular topic.

Sizzle videos
Drive your point home with high-impact, excitement-inducing videos that generate interest.

Explainer videos
Help them grasp your solution with animated videos that tell your brand or product’s story.

Promo videos
Promote your offerings with videos designed to generate interest by highlighting your USP’s and benefits.

Music videos
Poetry in motion — Videos for bands and musicians to promote their music and express themselves.

Culture videos
Reveal stories about your company or culture and provide memorable ways for people to connect with you.

Social videos
Engage, entertain and educate your audience on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Demo videos
Demonstrate how your product or service solves a particular problem and drive more sales.

The benefits of video marketing for businesses are numerous. First, it allows brands to connect with their audience personally, which creates trust between the brand and its consumers.

This is especially important for B2C (business-to-consumer) brands as it allows them to build relationships with their customers and encourage repeat purchases or visits.

Video also builds credibility for companies by allowing them to tell stories about their products or services through authentic voices and engaging visuals — Something that can’t be replicated in text alone.

It helps companies increase sales by making customers more comfortable purchasing products online or making an appointment at their brick-and-mortar location. This is especially true for younger generations who are increasingly turning toward online shopping options instead of visiting stores in person.

The process of producing a video is not simple. The hardest part is coming up with an idea for your video.

The next step is to write down the information needed to create the script. After that, you will need to find a location where you can shoot your video, which can be anywhere in the world, depending on what kind of message you want to deliver through your creative video production, manchester.

Next, you will need to hire actors and actresses who will play roles in your video production in manchester. Finally, you can begin shooting your film once all of this has been done.

So if you want to share with the world, running your video production company in Manchester, like Motion Videos, is a great idea. They’ll be able to take your vision and turn it into something tangible, whether that’s a promotional video for your business or an instructional video for the classroom. They offer the best video production services in the Manchester area.

Animation questions

Animation is highly adaptable, and creative animation studios produce many types of animated video productions, each tailored to a specific need. Having the right video makes all the difference. The busy pace of modern life doesn’t leave much room for error. If website visitors feel like they can’t connect with a web page, they won’t remain potential customers for long. Videos can evoke emotional reactions that allow them to relate to their audience through characters, music, relatable settings, or even an eye-catching animated sequence.

Animated videos are a popular form of video content that is shared online. These videos typically feature animated characters and objects that perform actions similar to those seen in live-action films. However, animated videos are often shorter than traditional live-action videos and often rely on unspoken dialogue to convey their message. You’ll find animated videos on many different websites, video streaming platforms, TV and social media channels. Thanks to their popularity, animated videos are an effective way to reach a broad audience with your message.

Good animation takes people on a journey with their eyes and minds where imagination creates its own soundtrack that fits whatever mood or feeling they have about a particular moment in the animation. Animations can make people laugh, cry, think about things differently and move people in magnificent ways.

2D animations are timeless, bringing colour and character that other video types can’t replace. These videos are great for appealing to creative types, younger people, or creating more of a light-hearted tone. 2D animations are also more budget-friendly than 3D animations, making them a great option for many businesses. In addition, 2D animations are created faster than 3D animations, meaning you can get your message out sooner. So if you’re looking for an engaging and unique way to communicate your message, 2D animation is a great option.

3D animation has come a long way since the early days of computer graphics. Today, 3D videos appear in various scenarios, from creating family-friendly movies to marketing products and services. One of the main advantages of 3D animation is its versatility. For example, 3D videos can engagingly communicate complex or technical topics or to showcase the graphical design power of a company or product. Additionally, we can use 3D animation to create a sense of scale or depth that is difficult to achieve with traditional 2D techniques. As a result, 3D videos are an increasingly popular tool for marketing and advertising purposes.

Sure. Animating illustrations can help keep viewers engaged without growing bored of actual footage onscreen. When used with real-life footage, they can add an extra layer of interest and excitement. Animation studios have used this to their advantage, creating illustration videos that are both informative and visually stimulating. Adding motion graphics to animations can create a more engaging and dynamic experience that will surely capture viewers’ attention.

Animated explainer videos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. They are an engaging and effective way to communicate information and can be tailored to fit any brand or message. The most appealing aspect of animated explainer videos is that they can break down complex topics into easily digestible bites.

This makes them ideal for explaining new products or services or providing customers with an overview of a subject. And because they are visually stimulating, animated explainer videos are more likely to keep viewers engaged from start to finish. As a result, they are an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to communicate with their customers effectively and engagingly.

The cost of producing an animated video can vary widely depending on the length and complexity of the project. A simple, two-minute animatic might cost as little as £500 to produce, while a more complex, feature-length production could cost millions of dollars.

Most of the cost usually goes towards paying a single highly-skilled animator, or an entire animation team, which can include dozens or hundreds of people. Other significant costs include purchasing animation software, hiring voice actors, using render farms and acquiring music and sound effects licenses.

While the upfront cost of producing an animated video may be high, the potential return on investment can be even greater. A successful video can generate millions of dollars in revenue and build brand awareness for years.

As a result, businesses that are considering making an animated video should not be deterred by the cost. Instead, they should carefully consider the potential benefits and allocate adequate resources to ensure a high-quality final product.

Of course, some of them stand out more than others. But, above all, the best animation examples this year are timeless and memorable.

MotionVideos is the best creative video animation company in Manchester, if not the UK, but here are some other great examples.

Thought of You // Ryan J Woodward // 2D animation

Wanderers // Erik Wernquist // CG animation

Coin Operated // Two Ghosts // 3D character animation

BBC – The Future Of Team Management // MotionVideos // Hand-drawn 2D character animation

AstraZeneca – Product Security // MotionVideos // 2D explainer animation

Motion graphics questions

They are an animated form of visual communication. Used in digital media videos and designed to engage people, share information and enhance stories.

Motion graphics are a type of design that changes appearance over time. First, imagery, graphics and designs are created. Then, they’re made to move using animation. Therefore, they are more successful at delivering messages than static graphics or words.

They’re a powerful tool for engaging people, sharing information and telling stories. Motion graphic production requires skilled motion designers to transform graphics and text into exciting and memorable visuals.

MotionVideos is a highly recommended video production agency that lives and breathes motion graphic design. We love to help brands reach new heights and achieve their goals. Our video production service makes content that reflects your brand and speaks to your audience with meaning and personality.

2D and 3D motion graphics are produced using software operated by motion designers.

Many agencies trust our After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Cinema 4D experience to produce motion graphics of the highest standard. Marketing companies, TV stations, and small brands also benefit from video production services like MotionVideos to effectively tell their stories.

Our motion skills set us apart from any other motion graphics agency in Manchester. It helps us create successful, award-winning motion graphics for small and large companies. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure your videos convey the charm you’ve been looking for.

In conclusion, The video production process for making motion graphics can vary depending on the project. However, a few key steps are involved in every one of our productions.

Firstly, the client provides a brief, scripts, storyboards, visual references or other guidance. We must be clear on what we’re making and who it’s aimed at before production begins.

Next, we create or capture the assets required for the video and produce a draft. Then, we start working on the final version once the client approves the draft.

Finally, all the assets are animated with sound using our video editing skills and creative flair. Then after a few tweaks, the finished product is delivered.

In Manchester, motion graphics are everywhere: digital advertising, in-store apps, videos and other interfaces around the city.

Companies use them in short visuals that promote their products or services. In addition, many website, app and game developers use them to create user-friendly interfaces.

2D and 3D motion graphics in Manchester and across the UK are a part of our everyday lives. Film titles, TV commercials, social media videos, web applications, and explainer videos all use motion graphics.

In addition, today’s mobile devices, smartwatches and vehicles we drive also use them for their interfaces. As the demand for engaging content grows, motion graphics will likely continue to be used in various settings.

Of course, some of them stand out more than others. But, above all, the best motion graphics examples this year are timeless and memorable.

MotionVideos is the best motion graphics production company in Manchester, if not the UK, but here are some other great examples.



This product video production by MotionVideos is designed to grab the attention of prospects attending international hairstyling trade shows. Designed with an Apple-esque quality about it and in ten different languages, they created a fast-paced product reveal video that was sure to turn heads at the show.



Here, Frame used motion graphics to give the sensation of speed, flow, lightness and flexibility. It was created to give visitors something fun to watch while they shopped at Under Armour’s new flagship store.



In this corporate video production, Giant Ant used 3D animation for Slack to add fun and enjoyment.



PlusOne helped Edge to improve its brand voice in its efforts to change carbon emissions in the construction sector.



Inspired by Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album cover, football and music were brought together by Kim Taylor.

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