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Unlike other business awards, all finalists had to produce a short video saying what they do and why they should win. Considering we’re called Motion Videos UK, you’d think this would be right up our street. Well, yes and no. Like hairdressers hair and cobblers shoes, we’re great at producing other companies marketing, but our own? So the tables had officially turned.

Challenge accepted. I had to step out from behind the camera, practice what I preach, and make the best presentation possible.

With that in mind, I wasn’t going to submit your average, run-of-mill, vlog-style video and wax lyrical to the camera about my achievements.

A) That would be too easy. B) I know that style of naval-gazing video bores the audience. C) It certainly wouldn’t help us stand out as an innovative video business.

I wanted to create a video that would be meaningful, communicate purpose, had an element of visual storytelling that would ultimately stick in the minds of the audience. After all, that’s what I do for my clients.

As is my usual process (regardless of the client or product), I produce films by working backwards from ‘what do we want the audience to remember?’ Or, in this case, what’s the lasting thought I wanted to create on how I help businesses present the best version of themselves through video.

During a brainstorm with long-term collaborator and creative marketing expert Baz Richardson, we talked about a psychological study involving three chocolate brownies. In particular, how the different ways they were presented affected their value. It was the perfect analogy for what we do for our clients.

A video shoot involving eating chocolate brownies? How could I resist?


I hope the judges enjoyed watching the video as much as I enjoyed the brownies.

The winners of the awards were announced in a virtual awards ceremony hosted by ITV’s Paul Crone on 4th September 2020. Streamed live on their Facebook page to celebrate business excellence in Greater Manchester, and judged by a panel of business peers. It also helped raise money for the children’s and young people’s mental health charity, Pennine Care.

The winner of our category was Sanctum Healthcare — so you can see we were up against some tough competition, who were able to demonstrate business innovation on a much larger scale, given the current Covid-19 crisis.

Although it didn’t quite work out for us this time, we’re confident we’ll do better on a more level playing field, and will strive to become an award-winning video content producer in 2021.

Above all, I hope we’re remembered for ‘that video with the brownies’.

Planning successful video content is as vital today as it was back then.

So, without further ado, here’s my first-ever music video from 2009 that sparked an invaluable lightbulb moment.

Greater Manchester Business Awards Winner 2020

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