Creative video production services & animated video content.

Motion Videos is one of Manchester’s most creative video production services, bringing stories to life using a custom blend of videography, motion design and CGI for bespoke animated video content.


Creative video production is a universe of possibilities where creative thinking and imagination rule. Where anything you dare to dream can be created. When it comes to using a bespoke blend of videography, design and CGI, Motion Videos know no limits!

Comfortable with all aspects of video production and passionate about telling stories. We deliver high-end, professionally animated video productions, animated explainer videos, or any other type of video. From concept to completion, we will guide you, bring your vision to life, and ultimately, get results.


Offering a range of creative video production services under one roof.

Creative video production services in Manchester often take a team of people to execute. It can include writers, directors, producers, videographers, editors, animators, motion designers and more. No matter your objective, we will ensure high-quality video content designed for your audience that’s both entertaining and informative. Using visual storytelling and our creative artistry to create visually appealing videos.

Creativity often comes into play when brainstorming ideas, researching and developing the style. It’s no easy process. The hardest part is coming up with a good idea. But once we’ve reached that “ah-ha” moment together, it’s on to the next step.

We develop scripts and create storyboards to aid the idea. Once approved, we begin making the visual assets. Whether capturing live-action video, creating 3D environments, or something hand-drawn. Creative and professional post-production is second nature to us.


Specialist video production services tailored to specific sectors.

Motion Videos offer diverse and creative video production services in Manchester. We can take any vision and turn it into something tangible, no matter the sector. Whether it’s a promotional video for a new smartwatch product or a corporate video for a green hydrogen production plant. We can put ourselves in your customer’s shoes, walk how they walk and think how they think.

Video communicates your brand’s story in a way that’s not only effective and engaging but also memorable. People remember images better than words, even more so for moving images! It’s an excellent way to ensure that your company’s message sticks with your audience long after seeing it.

It can also help you stand out from the competition. Not only do we create videos that are informative, they can also help build a community around your brand.


Our effective video solutions connect audiences with brands.


Our objective is to deliver exciting, on-brand and successful video content. We help complex ideas to exist in the real world (sometimes unthinkable worlds too!) We produce cinematic visual experiences that connect people with real-life scenarios. Use animation to create curiosity and add that extra ‘wow’ factor when you need it most.

At Motion Videos, we combine such specialities as creative thinking, storytelling and design. We do this by giving your stories a vibrant life — A meaningful life that leaves a lasting impression.


Creative video production is a universe of possibilities where creative thinking and imagination rule. Where anything you dare to dream can be created.

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