Motion graphics & video production studio in Manchester.

We’re a diverse motion graphics design and video production company making animated content for brands across Manchester and the UK.

Motion graphics that tell your stories effectively, excite audiences and connect viewers with your brand. Our motion and video production skills set us apart from any other motion graphics agency in Manchester.

So, whether it’s a single social media video or an entire marketing campaign, we can move people in your direction. Trust us; you’re in good hands with Motion Videos.


Motion graphics are the heart and soul of your video marketing. They’ll bring your idea to life and give your audience a reason to believe in you.


We can use motion graphics to connect viewers with your brand. They can enhance marketing messages, improve information delivery, and engage people more effectively than words.

2D and 3D motion graphics are a part of our everyday lives. We interact with them daily on our smartphones, watches, and vehicle interfaces. When we’re out in Manchester, we see them in digital street advertising, in-store apps, and many other digital interfaces. The list doesn’t stop there.

Small businesses use them in short video messages to promote their products online. Bands use them in music videos to grab people’s attention. Film titles, TV commercials, explainer videos and social media adverts.

Motion graphics have a plethora of practical uses. They can empower small businesses when they’re done right. And as the demand for engaging video content grows, motion graphics will likely continue to be used in many different settings.

And that’s why Motion Videos is the No.1 promotional video service for many businesses.

Motion graphics make information memorable.

Remember science class with those agonising textbooks filled with information? Thankfully the world has moved on — Translate lifeless information into exciting visual experiences that stay with your audience longer than words.

Nowadays, the only real purpose the written word has online is for SEO. And trust me, I’d much rather be making a video about motion graphics than writing about it. And you’d probably much rather be watching it than reading this, am I right? But how else would you have found us?

People don’t want to spend precious time pouring through text to find the bits that matter. Motion graphics deliver messages more successfully than words. And for that reason, they don’t just make the information memorable; they fix it in the mind.

So instead of forcing customers to sift through endless self-promotion, decide what’s important and deliver it attractively using video. Making it easy to understand and, above all, difficult to forget.

What are motion graphics, and why use them in my business?

Motion graphics are described as designs or images that change appearance over time. As opposed to the term moving imagery, which is reserved for motion pictures, films and movies. They’re a powerful tool for engaging people, sharing information and telling stories.

The information you share about your brand will determine whether potential clients choose your product or service. How you communicate that information is equally vital – so let’s make it count!

How are motion graphics made?

Motion design is the process of creating motion graphics. In conclusion, The video production process for making them can vary depending on the project. However, a few key steps are involved in every one of our productions.

Pre-production — The creative brief, including scripts, storyboards, references, and other visual guidance, defines the project’s outcome. We must be clear on what we’re making before the production work begins.

Production — The imagery, graphics and designs are created or captured. Next, we produce all of the assets required for animation before the post-production work begins.

Post-production — Finally, all the visual assets are animated. Usually, with video footage, CGI and sound, using our editing skills and creative flair. Then after a couple of tweaks, the finished product is delivered, published, and the views begin to roll in!

We make 2D and 3D motion graphics using specialist software operated by our experienced motion designers. Many agencies trust our After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Cinema 4D experience to create high-quality 2D and 3D animations.

Using the latest technology and techniques, we will ensure your videos convey the charm you’ve been looking for.

Why choose Motion Videos?

Motion Videos is a highly recommended video production agency that lives and breathes motion graphic design. We produce videos that help brands reach new heights and achieve their goals.

Contact us today. Our video production service makes content that reflects your brand and speaks to your audience with meaning and personality.

So let’s get started today!


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