The blank canvas in which we lay the foundations to create your masterpiece. We start off with a series of meetings – fuelled by numerous cups of coffee – where we discuss your expectations and your goals for the project. We then start brainstorming ideas before creating storyboards that detail the piece shot by shot, so you can visualise how the finished product will look.

The pre-production phase of the video production process is all about planning and preparation.

Storyboards are used to map out the visual elements of the video, and a script is written to provide a clear objective and structure for the project.

The creative team also uses this time to develop concepts and ideas and to research any necessary information. Once the pre-production phase is complete, the actual production can begin.

This is when the storyboards and scripts are brought to life, and the final video begins to take shape. Thanks to careful planning in pre-production, the production process runs smoothly and the end result is a high-quality video that meets the original objectives.


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