SSON ⁄⁄ Conference opener

The goal of this ↑ conference opener was to make guests feel pumped about what they were about to learn.

SSON (The Shared Services and Outsourcing Network) were looking for a more space-age approach to previous videos we’d done for them.

We threw everything at this project — beautifully animated typography and dynamic motion graphics, cinematic lens flares with bokeh effects, sophisticated particle effects, the works… and all generated in 3D space within After Effects with a little help from Cinema 4D for creating a few robots.

I've always been extremely pleased with the video production that Motion Videos UK has produced for us. They just seem to 'get' the brief from the outset and understood exactly what we're looking to achieve. They exceeded my expectations from the start and came up with a sleek, sophisticated look which was beyond my creative imagination.

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