Xtrade is a premium cryptocurrency trading service design to helps their clients to trade payments, access liquidity, and manage risk through a seamless and advanced trading suite of services.

Xtrades platform helps traders keep track of their assets in an easy-to-use interface with charts, indicators, and customised algorithms created just for them so they can focus on what matters most – making money off their investments.

It’s a sophisticated and complex topic, but in the same way that their platform streamlines the trading process for their clients, we helped to streamline their offerings into a stylish cryptocurrency explainer animation that was easy to understand but difficult to forget, using technologies such as X-Particles and Cinema 4D to add a new dimension to the brand.

The imagination when it comes to creating motion graphics and video is astounding. You give him the gist of what you want, let his creativity do its thing, take a look, tweak it and you're done. It really is that easy working with Motion Videos UK.

Our latest explainer videos.

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