Bastille ⁄⁄ Hangin

A modern twist on the 1960’s classic poster styles of Saul Bass for Bastille’s 'Hangin' music video.

The overall aesthetic of the piece showed a man falling through a hypnotic animated space, inspired by Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’ poster and the opening credits of ‘Mad Men’

Nice & Polite provided concepts and storyboards that showed us the graphical and illustrative approach they were looking for. Maintaining a red, black and white colour palette throughout, which they said: “this would breathe a breath of freshness to the video”.

Graphical line drawings, geometric shapes, patterns, and prints would be the key backdrop that the animated character would constantly be falling through. The aesthetic of these is slightly distressed to mimic that of screen-printed textures.

The edit would play out from different perspectives of the character falling – with the backdrop acting like a parallax, that warps and changes perspective throughout, which would act like a hypnotic, optical illusion style anchor for the video.

Saul Bass Maz Runner Poster